By formalizing this longstanding alliance and transferring ownership to Fortress, customers will benefit from both companies’ respective and innovative expertise. In turn this will help to strengthen and advance food safety culture as a whole. 

“Dynamic Inspection has always been aligned with maintaining quality and putting every customer’s needs first,” said Eric Garr, regional sales manager at Fortress Technology.

Dynamic Inspection Limited was established 25 years ago to supply locally-manufactured metal detection systems. With founders Bob Philpott and Steve Atkins retiring, the acquisition by Fortress guarantees food safety service and support continuity for countless customers. 

Reminiscent of Fortress’s pledge to customers, Dynamic Inspection adopts the same approach when engineering, installing and servicing food inspection solutions across Oceania and APAC. 

“The transition to Fortress now enables us to recruit more experts and expand our manufacturing hub in New Zealand, as well as our business reach. Exciting new products and services will follow,” Philpott said.

Having integrated Fortress metal detector technology from their inception, the Dynamic Inspection team is already equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the equipment, software features and approach to harmonizing global food safety. 

A major benefit of this acquisition will be the improved level of support Fortress can provide to existing and future customers, distributors and agents. Having a manufacturing facility in close proximity to customers presents endless benefits; prompt delivery, transport cost savings and faster access to service support.  

This latest acquisition means that Fortress Technology now has four manufacturing operations covering North America, South America, the UK and Europe, and Asia Pacific. The company will continue to leverage each site’s localized knowledge to respond to market and food safety needs, as well as changing consumer-supplier relationships.  

The acquisition of Dynamic Inspection was ratified on October 6.