In partnership with strategic developer Karis Cold, the DSI Group is constructing two cutting-edge cold storage facilities totaling 365,000 square feet in Chicago, Illinois, and Jacksonville, Florida. These state-of-the-art facilities aim to meet the growing demand from regional and national food manufacturers, retailers, and food service providers for high-quality cold storage solutions.   With both projects eligible for local incentives, Karis will collaborate closely with end-users to secure potential benefits.

The collaboration between DSI Group and Karis Cold arises from the growing demand within the local cold storage sector. Karis’s innovative approach to cold storage will take center stage at the new facility at 3815 S. Ashland in downtown Chicago. With site preparation underway on five acres, the DSI Group will construct a 100,000-square-foot facility for high-efficiency cold storage. Equipped with advanced technology capable of sustaining temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit, this facility guarantees the optimal preservation of perishable goods, ensuring their freshness and quality.

As consumer preferences pivot, the need for infill locations to meet population demands intensifies. Simultaneously, a surge in inventory levels underscores the urgency for new facilities. The aging infrastructure of existing cold storage further fuels this demand, prompting owners to invest in new, modern structures.  

"Drawing from our extensive market experience, we have the insight to optimize building layouts that meet the unique demands of the cold storage industry," said Jake Finley, Karis founder and CEO. "We consider all factors, including location, building design, and refrigeration technology,” highlighting their hands-on involvement in every project life cycle phase. "Our commitment goes beyond development; we assemble a dedicated team focused on creating solutions that benefit all stakeholders and positively impact the communities we serve."

The Stockyards project in Chicago follows Jacksonville Cold, a 265,000-square-foot cold storage facility located on 24 acres at 10105 Pritchard Road in the Westlake Industrial Park in Jacksonville, Florida. 

DSI South recently reached a significant milestone by installing tilt-up concrete and insulated metal panels, marking substantial progress towards the project's completion. This speculative development offers ample flexibility for operators to plan and operate efficiently. Karis has been eyeing Jacksonville since 2021 due to its strategic location near the port, serving as a gateway to Florida's eastern coast and facilitating access northward. With the DSI Group opening its South office in 2022, the timing is perfect for this partnership, targeting delivery in the fourth quarter of 2024. 

"Being able to partner with a world-class developer such as Karis to construct, concurrently, two state-of-the-art Cold facilities across multiple regions that meet the needs of today’s cold storage users brings us tremendous gratification.,” said  Jacob Karamol, co-owner and managing partner of DSI Group.

“As we expand our company, our reach, and, ultimately, our exposure into multiple markets, we look forward to demonstrating our design-build construction capabilities to the real estate and food-related communities across the Midwestern and Southeastern regions.”


About DSI Group
DSI Group is your premier full-service construction partner, specializing in design-build, interior, and ground-up commercial construction. Since our establishment in 1992, our talented team of over 60 professionals, based in downtown Chicago, Oak Brook, IL, and Odessa, Florida, has been dedicated to serving clients across the Midwest and Southeast. With expertise in design-build construction, development, and architecture, we bring a unique perspective to every project and ensure exceptional results. Our commitment to delivering on promises, comprehensive services, and unparalleled customer experience sets us apart. At DSI, we prioritize seeing each project through our clients' eyes, forming the cornerstone of our approach. We are dedicated to delivering projects that exceed expectations, fostering positive experiences that pave the way for future collaborations. 

About Karis
Founded in 2014, Karis is a private real estate investment and development firm focused on Class-A industrial development, innovative cold storage solutions, and critical infrastructure projects, including powered land and data centers. Headquartered in Naples, FL, and supported by satellite offices in suburban Chicago and Denver, we invest in and develop properties across the United States, focusing on the Midwest and Southeast. Built on a foundation of over 150 years of collective experience, we pursue each venture with a well-balanced perspective. Our comprehensive platform encompasses a full spectrum of industrial development and investment strategies that capitalize on our expertise to create value-driven outcomes for our clients, partners, and investors.  Our team is deeply committed to fostering transformative change within our sectors, with a core belief that every project’s unique story affects the outcome.