GoVerden, the maker of all-natural, ready-made guacamole has announced nationwide retail expansion of their products. The brand's distribution in Walmart will increase from 200 to 1,050 stores across the country, offering the brand’s top selling Guacamole Mild and Guacamole Spicy to a larger customer base. 

Following the expanded nationwide distribution in Walmart, GoVerden is also excited to announce that Guacamole Mild will be available nationally at Whole Foods starting in June. This expansion reflects the brand's growing popularity and commitment to making its high-quality, convenient products accessible to a wider range of consumers.

"Guacamole and processed avocado products are registering double-digit growth in sales year over year, in retail and food service, which is why we are expanding our national distribution further," says Rick Joyal, vice president of North American Sales at GoVerden. "Our goal is to meet the growing needs for our high-quality, all-natural guacamole, and ensure that everyone across the nation can enjoy our industry leading avocado products.”

GoVerden is owned by three of the largest avocado growers in Michoacán, Mexico. The family farming operations date back more than three decades, boasting a rich history of producing avocados for both the fresh and processed markets. The inception of the brand started in 2018, when the passion for creating a ready-to-enjoy guacamole brand united the like-minded growers.

GoVerden sets itself apart with its unexpectedly fresh flavor, crafting guacamole exclusively with non-GMO Certified fruits and vegetables, maintaining a 100% natural product. The brand uses a high-pressure pasteurization process that eliminates pathogens and extends shelf life, without the use of artificial preservatives.