Perfect pizzas

Harpak, the exclusive North American distributor of G. Mondini, offers complete pizza assembly lines that are fully automated and border-free.

G. Mondini pizza assembly lines feature the highest cycle speeds in the industry - up to 7,200 pizzas per hour. The VF/TRP and DF/SP are specially designed to accurately spread sauce, cheese and other toppings to the surface of the pie, leaving the outer edge untouched. This process not only gives the pizza an authentic Italian pizzeria look but also prevents waste. These toppers also eliminate recirculation, which requires fewer man-hours and prevents potential contamination. CAMA cartoning and case packing lines are available in-line for high-speed applications.

Backed by years of experience, Harpak offers leading-edge technology for all your packaging and automation needs. As a full-service organization, Harpak provides complete lines of equipment with the ability to de-nest, convey, top, tray seal, label, sleeve, carton and case pack.

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Organic, natural pizza toppings

Satisfy your customers’ desire for a “green” alternative with Burke’s NaturaSelect fully-cooked, organic and natural pizza toppings.

The organic product line features fully-cooked organic Italian sausage (Burke item #84216) and organic seasoned ground beef (Burke item #84229). Additionally, this product line includes a selection of natural pizza toppings. With the convenience of a fully-cooked product - and a short list of easy-to-read ingredients - NaturaSelect toppings make it easy to offer the items that are in demand by sustainability driven customers.

Premium quality pork and beef, in addition to added ingredients, adhere to strict organic and natural protocol and guidelines. Ideal for any application where a premium organic or natural choice is important - including pizza, pasta, casseroles, appetizers and sandwiches. Foodservice and bulk packaging also are available.

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Simplify dough handling, make-up

Reiser offers a variety of innovative processing and packaging solutions to the bakery and prepared foods industries. Our versatile Vemag offers unrivaled portioning accuracy, speed and consistent product quality. For all types of automated dough and batter handling applications, Reiser’s R&D and engineering team can custom design the right solution for you.

For example, a Reiser customer was making a cheese-filled dough product. In doing so, the processor installed a Vemag HP series machine with multi-outlet cheese extruder. While Reiser technicians were on the floor, the processor asked if the same Vemag could successfully divide pizza dough. Reiser specialists and engineers worked with the customer and the result was an entirely new process in which one Reiser Vemag replaced seven pieces of machinery - per line. The following savings were so great that this processor converted all of its lines - worldwide - to Vemag pizza dough dividers.

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Quantum leap in pizza processing

Quantum supplies premium food processing systems to the largest manufacturers in the world. With a focus on sanitary design, ease of cleaning and simple operation, Quantum machines are engineered to last. Quantum has installations all over the world, in fact if you have eaten a frozen pizza, it was likely topped on a Quantum Topping System.

With a full line of sauce applicators, waterfall cheese and topping applicators, pepperoni slicers, hard cheese and spice applicators - and a full array of conveying solutions - Quantum can provide equipment to meet any application need.

Quantum’s latest innovations include pizza cutters, fresh sausage depositor/applicators, and, as always, custom configuration on all standard equipment.

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Pizza line automation, innovation

Z Automation takes traditional packaging technologies further by incorporating such ground-breaking devices as servo-controlled feeders, quick tool-less changeovers and high-speed sleeving. One of its latest innovations in pizza processing is the CH15 160C Continuous Motion Horizontal Cartoner. Designed for 10-inch or 12-inch pizzas, the unit handles up to 160 cartons per minute and comes with two servo-driven overhead product sweepers for stacking capability (one to four packages). The ZAC Patented Dynamic Product Bucket can cup and conform to the product and maintain control of the product in various stack heights. This helps prevent jamming during loading.

Z Automation also offers the CP15 10I, Intermittent Motion Case Packer. This compact machine handles 10 cases per minute, features funnel-guided product loading, a servo-driven up-stacking system and handles 6-inch, 10-inch or 12-inch cartons. It features dual stacking capabilities for either horizontal or vertical orientation within a case.

Z Automation also has just developed the CF200C, Continuous Motion Disc Feeder for corrugated pizza discs. It’s designed for either 10-inch or 12-inch product sizes and handles up to 160 discs per minute. The base of the unit’s magazine is equipped with a powered chain to index the discs forward as they are removed. This assures adequate prime for disc feeding. A low-level disc detector is interfaced with the human machine interface.

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Pizza topping, bacon bit systems

Blentech specializes in turn-key pizza topping and bacon bit systems including: raw material metering, upstream and downstream separation, handling and cooling-chilling equipment. In addition to designing thermal screws for customary cooking modes such as direct steam and water or oil immersion, Blentech has developed several unique processing solutions by adapting our proprietary technologies to this "tried-and-true" continuous cooking method to produce high value-added food items such as pizza toppings, sautéed onions and bacon bits.

Blentech brings more than 20 years of processing knowledge to assist the customer in making the right process decisions.

Processors benefit by switching from batch to continuous manufacturing where streamlined product handling reduces labor requirements and improves consistency of product quality and yield.

The Blentech ContinuTherm thermal screw cooker is a flexible system configurable for a broad range of products; from meat, poultry and fish to fruits and vegetables to pasta, rice and other grains.

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You ask. Pizzamatic delivers!

Pizzamatic’s new line of pizza topping equipment is focused on what matters to you the most: production rates, application precision, quality and value, with special attention paid to operational simplicity. The base models of these machines are the essential stand-alone applicator/depositor for your process - with control and mechanical options to suit any plant-specific need.

All Pizzamatic machines can target crusts on random intervals using standard AC motors. This leads to easy operation and easier maintenance. Meanwhile, technology allows you to simply set your machine up once and save the settings in a recipe. The only action an operator must take to run the machine is to select a desired recipe and press “run.” Linking these machines together to pass recipe and run data also is as easy as connecting a quick disconnect cable.

Pizzamatic’s new Linear Pepperoni Slicer / Applicator Model LS2000 is capable of slicing and applying a variety of meat and cheese products onto moving targets. The hopper tubes are custom configured to produce the desired pattern application. At the center of the LS2000 Linear Slicer is Pizzamatic's patented Orbitrox blade technology. Instead of a disposable band blade, the LS2000 cuts with a hardened rotating blade that can be sharpened for continual use. The Orbitrox blade makes a clean and consistent cut every time to ensure quality slices and accurate targeting.

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Most popular name in pizza processing

The most popular brand names in pizza are produced on Rademaker systems. And although the company offers the widest range of pizza processing equipment in the business, every system is custom designed - start to finish - to meet the requirements of each customer and product.

Whether you’re producing a cheese or a classic supreme pizza; round, square or rectangle pizza; plain or stuffed crust pizza; flat crust or lipped crust pizza; or even calzones . . . Rademaker will build the right system for you.

Rademaker is your one-stop custom shop when it comes to dough-feed systems, extruders, low-stress systems, gauging stations and sheeting lines, rotary cutting and docking systems and hot press systems. We offer as many as four types of proofing systems (in-line continuous, dough sheet, stabilized tray and multi-deck) as well as topping applicators for sauce, cheese and vegetables.

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