Ultimate in clean conveying

No other sanitary conveyor comes close to Dorner’sAquaPruf Ultimate Series. In fact, the USDA-approved Ultimate conveyors (7400 Plastic Chain and 7600 Belt) were engineered for fast and effective sanitation in the most demanding environments. These applications include ready-to-eat foods, raw protein (meat, poultry, fish) and other high-pressure sanitation environments. With so many features designed into the equipment, Ultimate users can reduce sanitation time and boost operations running time. The Ultimate’s hygienically designed, open-frame construction includes TIG welds, solid cross members, removable wear strips, and a tip-up tail for quick cleaning access.

-- Dorner Manufacturing Co.
(800) 397-8664 / www.dorner.com

Run smoother, stronger, longer

Food processors can minimize spiral cage bar wear, maintenance and downtime with Ashworth’s 1-inch Omni-Pro 100. Omni-Pro delivers unmatched strength and reliability. Utilizing a “zero-tension” weld design, Omni-Pro is proven to withstand tensions up to 200 pounds at 100,000 cycles (competition tests 50,000 cycles). Ashworth uses a patented coining process to form each link. This prevents break-in wear, reduces belt elongation and increases belt life. A patented “protrusion leg” prevents welds from contacting spiral cage bars. In the end, Omni-Pro runs smoother with less system wear.

-- Ashworth Bros. Inc.
(800) 682-4594 / www.ashworth.com

High tension spiral conveyor

A new wash-down duty spiral conveyor from KLEENline features an NSF-approved belt for handling raw product, fish and meat. Belts are available in widths of 7.5 inches and 24 inches with radii down to 1.6 times the belt width. Custom designs may be easily adapted to meet your particular application. This includes change in elevation, spiral up or down as well as spiral rotation in either direction. The unit’s uniform slope gently conveys product without tipping or gripping product sides. Removable flights are available to increase the elevation change between tiers.

-- Kleenline Corp.
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Complete, single-source spiral solutions

Spiralox modular plastic spiral belts can extend freezer belt and component life, reduce maintenance, improve energy efficiency and reduce product loss. Weighing up to 50 percent less than metal alternatives, Spiralox belting lowers energy costs, reduces belt tension and eliminates the need to replace cage bar or wear strips throughout belt life. Belt material prevents moisture from adhering to the belt surface, reducing product sticking. Lubrication requirements and contamination from metal wear debris are eliminated. With Spiralox Optimization Solutions, existing spiral efficiency can be optimized and cost of ownership can be reduced in large-scale spiral retrofits. Intralox assumes 100 percent ownership of the retrofit, reducing your risk and ensuring your success. 

-- Intralox LLC USA
(800) 877-7543 / www.intralox.com

Easy-to-clean belt for heavy loads

Cambridge introduces the most open metal belt available that does not compromise belt strength. Patent-pending DURAFLEX metal conveyor belting handles heavier loads and lasts much longer than typical light-duty conveyor belts, while remaining cleanable and open - perfect for many food processing applications. This revolutionary design reduces maintenance and downtime because it can be spliced in as little as 30 seconds using Cambridge’s Kwik Connect Splice Rod, which requires no welding or special tools. Visit www.cambridge-intl.com/duraflex or see DURAFLEX and other innovative products at Process Expo Booth #16097.


MTC conveyors keep products moving

Materials Transportation Co.’s complete line of conveyors can be custom designed for virtually any specific need. Screw conveyors are available in diameters from 6-inches to 24-inches and can be customized for inclines, pivot or elevated track. Our Storage Loaders - a variation of screw conveyors - are used for temporary storage or surge in a production process. MTC Belt Conveyors come in many different sizes, widths and lengths. They are also available in reversible models, with metal detectors and various types of belting.

-- Materials Transportation Co.
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