Phone System Organizer; Strong, Fast Drop Floor System...

Phone system organizer

Most food processors communicate with customers and vendors via voice -a new integrated solution now makes it easier to keep track of phone conversations and hand-written notes on screen. CSB-System Phonemaster Technology automatically guides operators to phone lists and provides caller ID. Supportive information, such as last orders, also is made available during calls.

- CSB-System International Inc.
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Strong, fast drop floor system

The PowerPlatform from Johnson is an in-body drop floor system that holds up to 3,000 lbs of refrigerated product. The PowerPlatform is ideal for Direct Store Delivery routes and quickly lowers drivers and product to street level for fast delivery of everything from dairy and meat products to vending products and packaged ice.

- Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies
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Clean every crevice

Ashworth’s new clean-in-place (CIP) conveyer belt system uses a two-stage mixing chamber paired with a spray bar and nozzles. The mixing chamber first mixes water and air to create microscopic water droplets, then expels the droplets at very high speeds resulting in water droplets moving at more than 600 miles per hour. The water droplets penetrate every opening and crevice in the belt while also minimizing the possibilities of belt damage or aerosol contamination.

- Ashworth Bros., Inc.
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Custom lift trucks

Hyster Co.’s new Fortis lift trucks offer multiple powertrain configurations to meet specific application requirements and business objectives. The Fortis trucks cover a capacity range of 2,000 lbs to 15,500 lbs and offer both cushion and pneumatic tire classes, with multiple engine choices consisting of gas, LP and diesel.

- Hyster Co.
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Improve temp, time tracking

PakSense Inc. announced that Calavo Growers has adopted the company’s TXi Label to track time and temperature of all products during shipping. PakSense Labels will be used on a widespread scale on all Calavo avocado shipments as well as shipments of fresh and frozen guacamole and other diversified product lines such as papayas. Use of the PakSense Labels - combined with Calavo’s ProRipeVIP acoustic firmness technology and other quality assurance programs - will help to ensure that Calavo customers consistently receive the highest quality products possible, PakSense said.

- PakSense Inc.
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Hands-on lab testing

Equipped with state-of-the-art metal detection and x-ray inspection equipment, the new Mettler-Toledo Safeline expanded Product Test Lab in Tampa, Fla., allows customers to gain hands-on experience testing their products and learning about the latest in product inspection technology. Customers who are unable to visit are encouraged to submit their products for free testing by lab technicians and receive a complimentary, fully-documented test report.

- Mettler-Toledo Safeline
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Remove ferrous contaminants

Eriez ProGrade Series Grate Magnets are available in three different magnetic strengths. The magnets are designed to remove ferrous contamination from dry, free-flowing granular or powdery products such as sugar, feeds and grains. The product is required to flow between the 1-inch diameter tube magnets spaced on 2-inch tube centers and held rigidly in place.

- Eriez
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Depositor designed for high-fat streusel

The new Hinds-Bock moist streusel depositor dispenses high-fat streusel into pocketed pans such as muffin pans, or broadcast spread onto larger cake or pie pans. The moist streusel depositor utilizes a dispensing system designed to work with high-fat products that tend to pack and bridge. Models are available to mount on top of existing equipment, Hinds-Bock conveyors or with a portable cantilevered frame to roll over conveyors.

- Hinds-Bock Corp.
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All-in-one PLC/HMI device

Color displays enable machine builders to show more details on the operator panels, to display attention-grabbing alarms and to brighten up their systems. Unitronics’ new Vision350 incorporates all the color-advantages into a compact all-in-one PLC/HMI device. This power PLC and enhanced HMI is equipped with a color touch screen, an improved processor, diverse I/O options and additionally is adaptable to most TCP/IP/serial protocols.

- Unitronics PLC
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Improve plant safety

Designed to increase safety, vacuum cups - manufactured from metal detectable silicon - can withstand high temperatures inherent in food processing applications such as depanners. Now food-grade vacuum cups are available to fit virtually any type of vacuum equipment used in food processing plants, including vacuum lifters and manipulators, pick-and-place systems, packaging machinery, label applicators and more. An extensive online catalog from Vi-Cas allows users to select available cups to match their needs.

-Vi-Cas Manufacturing
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Heat exchanger offers versatility

The new Terlotherm vertical scraped surface heat exchanger’s patented design allows it to handle various process applications such as cooking, heating, cooling, slush freezing, crystallization, pasteurization, and tempering. Meanwhile, it’s ideal for processing creams, emulsions, fruit, soups and sauces, meat products and dairy products. The unit’s main advantages are its small foot print and easy maintenance.

- Terlet USA
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Improve bag quality

Automated Packaging added a new high-efficiency, blown film extrusion system for creating multi-layer films. This new co-extruder produces film in rolls that are 40 percent larger than standard rolls, which results in more efficient production with fewer splices and less scrap. The system uses a three-layer process that has control over film thickness and custom blends.

- Automated Packaging Systems
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Supply chain solutions

Next View offers a complete set of supply chain software solutions. Its Next View Live program provides unparalleled, real-time visibility into a customer's warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities. Next View Replay allows users to review past transactions as they occurred and Next View Plan optimizes how facilities and processes will run - based on anticipated changes in volume and resources.

- Next View Software Inc.
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