Fast cleaning, changeover

The new Swifty Bagger is designed for pre-made stand-up bags and easily packages a variety of products including frozen produce. The Swifty Bagger is simple to use and clean, with a quick changeover time - increasing both production flexibility and productivity. It is equipped to handle pre-made zippered and non-zippered bag sizes from 3.5-inches to 8-inches wide and from 5-inches to 11-inches in length. It can run at speeds of up to 100 cycles per minute depending on the model.

- WeighPack Systems Inc.
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Easy clean system

Lyco’s Clean-Flow pasta cooking/cooling system incorporates a screw that is encapsulated by a stationary wedge-wire screen. Water agitation injected through the screen keeps the product off the floor of the screen, where it is maintained in total suspension. Clean-up time is dramatically reduced in the Clean-Flow design because the screw is totally exposed for cleaning. Clean-up times are reduced as much as 75 percent compared to conventional rotary drum blanchers.

- Lyco Manufacturing
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Quick calcualtions

The nutritional value calculation allows automatic calculation of the necessary nutritional components and ingredient lists of food products. The new module is integrated into Recipe Management as part of the overall production module of CSB-System. Using standardized interfaces, processors can import external databases, such as the USDA nutritional database, and assign the content to ingredients.

- CSB-System International Inc.
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Vibrating conveyor

The VIBRA-FLEX II from Meyer Industries utilizes an efficient vibrated base frame design that delivers consistent sympathetic vibration to the pan through the springs - no heavy structural support is required. The VIBRA-FLEX II also features all stainless steel construction, allowing for easy wash down and an overall sanitary conveying system.

- Meyer Industries (210) 736-4662 /

Alarm notification

Staco Energy has added SNMP communications capabilities to its FirstLine three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). These models, which are available for 10, 15 and 20 kVA applications, allow users to network this UPS with their manufacturing and management systems. With SNMP capabilities, FirstLine offers Web browser-based visual readings, alarm notification, a 48-hour system history, as well as client shutdown software for the most popular operating systems.

- Staco Energy Products Co.
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Processor selects Hins-Bock

When Cuizina Food Co., Woodinville, Wash., needed new machinery for its soup and sauce processing facility, the company teamed with Hinds-Bock Corp., who supplied it with standard SP-64 single-piston fillers with custom spouting. As the company has expanded and added more lines, the partnership continues to be successful. Cuizina officials say their products - ranging from 2-ounces to 64-ounces - are ready to ship frozen to suppliers, distributors or direct to customers within hours of their creation.

- Hinds-Bock Corp.
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Hanson expands truck fleet

Hanson Logistics, St. Joseph, Mich., says it has added more muscle to the company’s growing transportation service with the recent addition of four 2008 Kenworth 800 linehaul tractors. The new trucks, featuring Aerocab sleepers, enable Hanson to respond quickly to customer requests for regional moves. Hanson’s transportation management services draw upon a community of more than 250 refrigerated, dry and rail carriers to offer customers asset and non-asset based transportation.

- Hanson Logistics
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Magnet traps iron

The Eriez Model P Grate Magnet is a versatile magnet designed especially for odd-shaped round, oval and rectangular-cornered hoppers. When in operation, the Model P’s optional deflector bars - positioned over the magnetic element - act as baffles to deflect the flow of material onto the magnetic tubes where iron contamination is then trapped and held. These built-in baffles control excessive speeds of material, all while maintaining a smooth, steady flow.

- Eriez
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Versatile gearmotor mounting

Virtually no two conveyor applications are set up alike. Dorner’s new gearmotor mounting packages for its QWIK Conveyors platform accommodate a variety of conveyor setups. Depending on the type of package selected, parts include mounting bracket, 3-jaw flexible coupling, coupling guard, timing belt, pulleys, instructions and mounting hardware. Gearmotors for Dorner’s QWIK Conveyors platform are rated for light, standard and heavy-duty loads - up to 1,000 pounds, and can be programmed for both fixed and variable speeds.

- Dorner Manufacturing
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Electrochemical ammonia detector

Honeywell Analytics’ new Model EC-F9-NH3 electrochemical ammonia detector for use in food processing plants includes the company’s SensorCheck system to monitor and predict the sensor’s electrical viability. The gas diffusion unit with linear output exhibits excellent zero and calibration stability. Simplified, in-place calibration and cell replacement help eliminate maintenance downtime.

- Honeywell Analytics
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Accurate breading

The Stein 5-STAR Homestyle Breader is a linear breading application system that offers food processors the same coating quality of a drum breader without the high risk of product damage. The breader’s wheel design ensures that product maintains a linear orientation during coating. By reducing product damage and eliminating the time spent correcting product orientation, the 5-STAR Homestyle Breader reduces costs and increases accuracy while maintaining the appearance of a hand-breaded product.

- FMC FoodTech
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Patty former's re-designed feeder

NuTEC Manufacturing, a manufacturer of food processing equipment, offers a completely hydraulic, multi-hole patty former. The NuTEC 750 provides accurate weight control, minimum leakage and rapid changeover in a state-of-the-art machine. Now, a re-designed method of vacuum paper feed transfer that increases efficiency and repeatability also is available for use with the 750. This option allows for individual pre-cut sheets of waxed paper to be placed under each patty for either fresh or frozen applications.

- NuTEC Manufacturing
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Recloseable design

Multivac offers processors of luncheon meats and sliced cheeses even more packaging choices with a new recloseable design. The new design is formed from semi-rigid top and bottom films, and features a top web formed with a deep, angled recess that snaps into the bottom web to tightly close the package and help maintain product freshness. The angle of the top web serves a second purpose in preventing product from sliding downward when the package hangs vertically.

- Multivac Inc.
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