The word “disruption” can sometimes be perceived as negative. A “disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity or process.”

So, you’re probably wondering then, why the theme of this year’s State of the Industry report is marketplace disruption. That’s because disruption in the marketplace comes with so many positive factors.

When companies and products disrupt the industry, they’re innovating, developing, growing, implementing, automating, building and succeeding. They’re creating niches that didn’t exist, filling voids in the marketplace, answering consumers’ needs and changing the way the refrigerated and frozen foods industry manufactures and delivers product from Point A to Point B.

From new market entrants and go-to-market models to technology advancements and supply chain optimization, these disruptors are in position to change the way consumers eat and view the cold food and beverage industry.

Check out our newly designed State of the Industry report, complete with market trend reports and detailed information pertaining to agriculture, food and beverage processing, retail vs. e-commerce sector and foodservice distribution.

Also disrupting the industry are women. Yes, women.

There’s the old adage that women cannot work together. The cat fights. The backstabbing. The bickering. Oh my.

However, women in the cold supply chain and logistics industry are anything but the above. The women that I interviewed for this issue’s Supply Chain & Logistics section are intelligent, empowered, hard-working, methodical and (gasp) supportive of each other. Instead of viewing other women as threats, they liken them as companions in what has always been a “man’s industry.” Hear from several female logistics leaders on what the rise of women in supply chain and logistics means for the future of the industry.

Speaking of disruption (are you catching on to the theme here?), discover this year’s Top 5 Best New Retail Products, whose flavor profiles, packaging concepts and unique features disrupt retailers’ refrigerators and freezercases.

Pardon the interruption. But, I encourage you to disrupt your day and keep reading.