Faster. Cleaner. Smarter. It’s not only an apt description for Triangle’s X-Series VFFS baggers, it also applies to production lines that currently employ Triangle baggers, weighers, tray loading and depositing systems. Whether you’re packaging fresh chicken breasts, IQF chicken nuggets or portion-controlled pieces, Triangle offers the perfect solution for every packaging challenge. Triangle will showcase its USDA/3A X-Series bagging machine at the International Poultry Expo. The X-Series features an electropolished stainless steel frame with continuously welded frames ground smooth; stainless steel control box and wash-down rated servo motors; extended stainless steel top plate with drain and cross members rotated 45-degrees to facilitate ‘drip-drain-draw;’ and stainless steel laser-sealed / bearing-free film rollers (patent-pending).

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