Sometimes a business opportunity becomes a new product. In other cases, that opportunity might require an entirely new business venture.

For example, when food process equipment supplier Blentech Corporation, Santa Rosa, Calif., saw a new opportunity, it decided the time was right to pick the best complementary technologies and create an entirely new business: Blentech Process Systems (BPS).

“We understand clearly that there are a multitude of demands and compliance guidelines on food processing equipment from different countries worldwide,” says Nick Tetlow, Blentech’s vice president of sales and marketing. “This allows us to be very objective and well qualified when reviewing other manufacturers’ equipment. Moreover, we respect quality equipment when we see it. And when we came across equipment from two companies in particular, we were so impressed with the quality and price points that we set up a subsidiary.”

Led by Vice President and Operations Manager Larry Wilson, Blentech Process Systems, Columbus, Miss., will represent Metalbud, Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland, a supplier of Nowicki meat processing machinery, smoke houses and equipment for dairy and fish processing. BPS also will represent KULP Ltd., Istanbul, Turkey, a manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic filling, closing and labeling machines for the food and dairy industries.

“Nowicki and KULP manufacture a variety of proven, high quality, technologically advanced pieces of processing equipment,” says Tetlow. “They cover the white and/or red meat marketplace as well as other industries, ranging from seafood to condiments.These companies build systems with the latest programmable logic controllers and drive components to give the user a well proven system. Just one example of these beneficial components is the new servo motor on Nowicki’s latest MH-117 and MH-293 brine injector.”