Century Refrigeration, Pryor, Okla., introduced the Centinel Intelligent Defrost Control, an electronically operated evaporator controller designed to save energy throughout the refrigeration cycle, helping protect the equipment and product.

The controller also simplifies the monitoring and control of the room temperature while optimizing equipment performance.

The Centinel consists of a microprocessor-driven controller and up to four separate temperature sensors. The controller’s microprocessor controls the system, while the sensors provide necessary feedback from the refrigeration system.

In addition, the Centinel utilizes a series of algorithms to ensure the evaporator provides maximum efficiency. Among these is a self-learning algorithm that allows the controller to adjust to changing conditions. Because it is adaptable, the Centinel customizes itself to each individual evaporator. The controller does this by first creating a profile of the evaporator’s performance characteristics. The performance profile of the evaporator is then continually compared to its current operation. The controller uses this comparison to determine when the system requires defrosting. The resulting reduction of total defrosts will save energy on any system, which in turn leads to further savings for the system owner.

The Centinel also reduces the energy used by reducing compressor run time, implementing demand defrosts and controlling superheat and unit fans. The key to the Centinel’s success is minimizing individual component’s energy usage. By controlling multiple pieces of the refrigeration system, the incremental gains of each component are compounded to create substantial savings for the system owner.

Behind the scenes, the Centinel utilizes a revolutionary communication system known as the Centinel Network, which allows users to connect the controller to any computer with an internet browser and see the current state of the controller. This ability removes the burden of downloading controller monitoring software. Additionally, by sending the information directly to a web browser, the user is no longer required to check for software updates.

Century Refrigeration, division of RAE Corp.