New TankJet 55 fluid-driven tank cleaner from Spraying Systems, Wheaton, Ill., operates at low flows and fast cycle times, enabling cleaning of multiple tanks, barrels and drums in minutes.

The TankJet 55 is compact and fits in openings as small as 1-3/4 inches and is constructed of 316L stainless steel with carbon-filled PTFE seals. They come in two models-standard for faster rotation and shorter cycle times and slow for rotational models that allow excellent dwell time for cleaning tougher residues.

The fluid-driven, turbine-driven TankJet 55 cleans using narrow angle full cone sprays rotating in multiple axes for 360-degree coverage.

TankJet 55 is suitable for many applications, including cleaning 59-gallon barrels, 55-gallon drums and small tanks, containers and totes.

Spraying Systems Co.