Intelleflex, Orlando, Fla., launched the Intelleflex CMR-6100, a fully integrated cellular-enabled, GPS-equipped, multi-protocol RFID reader, and Intelleflex ZEST Data Services, a cloud-based repository for aggregating, warehousing and sharing information across the supply chain.

Both new products offer the following benefits:
• Improving the quality, safety and delivered freshness of fresh, frozen and packaged foods while reducing waste and delivering track-and-trace records in the event of recalls.
• Optimizing asset management and personnel monitoring for improved worksite operations in all venues where high-value assets are deployed.
• Enabling information sharing among supply chain partners and product traceability records with customers.
• Facilitating a solution that is easy to deploy and manage anywhere without requiring middleware or edge servers.

The Intelleflex CMR-6100 is said to be the first ISO/IEC 18000-6:2010 and EPCglobal C1G2 multi-protocol RFID reader to incorporate a fully-integrated cellular modem and GPS capabilities, ensuring reliable machine-to-machine connectivity; easy, wireless access to global cellular networks; and standards-based high performance. The CMR-6100 is easy to install and maintain, requiring only connecting it to an AC or DC power source and attaching RFID antennas.

The system also includes support for a separate battery backup. With built-in self monitoring, interference detection and loopback test mode capabilities, the reader can be managed, maintained and updated remotely, making it ideal for deployments at worksites, fields or where access to local area networks is not an option.

Meanwhile, Intelleflex ZEST Data Services is a secure, multi-tenant, cloud-based data collection platform for aggregating permission-based sharing of information. ZEST provides easy access to secure, authenticated reader and tag data without the need to interface directly with the readers.

The ZEST “data as a service” model enables businesses to collect, evaluate and share data within a department or company, or across trading and business partners, removing arbitrary “soiling” of data and powering a broad base of applications and data analytics.