Teradata, San Diego, Calif., debuted Teradata Vantage, a next-generation analytics platform that tightly integrates the best analytic functions and engines to provide a scalable, agile platform.

Teradata Vantage also provides access to a wide variety of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, autonomous decision making, machine learning functions, visualization tools and more, and is deployed across public clouds, on-premises, on optimized or commodity infrastructure or as-a-service.

Users can also access and analyze data without having to learn a new tool or language or worry about where data is located, and receive immediate access to functions such as math and statistics, data transformations, path, pattern, visualization, association, cluster, decision tree and text.

To provide users at all levels of an organization – from executives to business analysts and developers – with an enhanced experience, Vantage removes technology barriers and limitations, allowing them to focus on solving real business problems. Users can switch between the most common interfaces and tools, including SQL, Python and R, as well as a broad set of BI and visualization tools, with the advanced functionality of SAS, Jupyter and RStudio. The platform also provides storage and analysis for multi-structured data, including JSON, BSON, AVRO, CSV and XML.