New products, processor-retailer relationships and consumer trends will be key topics at theFood Marketing Institute's(FMI) "Future Connect" conference this Oct. 12-14 at Dallas' Hyatt Regency.

Scheduled sessions include:

The Future of Food: McKinsey & Company looks at how consumer spending trends, market pressures and competition. A look at how retailers can use logistics and forward planning to compete.

The Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2009: A review of key industry facts, figures and trends.

Evolve with the Changing Shopper Experience: Information Resources Inc. outlines how retailers can align new formats, new products and new services to meet consumers' changing needs.

Successfully Interacting with Today's Buyers: Executives at Associated Wholesale Grocers and Price Chopper Supermarkets talk about how suppliers can improve meetings and presentations to retail buyers and category managers.

Understanding the Mindset of the Customer: Catalina Marketing Corp. looks at exactly who is shopping in the store, what they buying and how trading partners can collaborate to improve sales.