Perhaps it's no surprise but Boomer consumers prefer more "classic" comfort foods while Gen Xers find comfort in more commercial fare. That's just one assessment from"Generational Comfort Foods,"a new study by the Center for Culinary Development (CCD), San Francisco, and Packaged Facts, New York, N.Y.

The story was reported by Karlene Lukovitz with MediaPost CommmunicationsMarketing Daily.

Using a national online survey (with 3,700 respondents), CCD learned that sweets dominate comfort food category choices, regardless of age. Nearly half (46%) of men and women across the Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y segments say they turn to baked goods, sweets and desserts for comfort -- as opposed to entrees (19%), salty snacks (14%), side dishes (13%) and breakfast foods (4%).

Looking more closely at generational trends, CCD and Packaged Facts noted that ...

...Boomersprefer "classic" comfort foods such as braised meats, casseroles and ice cream. They crave foods from their childhoods, including peanut butter, popcorn, foods made with canned tuna fish, chicken noodle soup and hot oatmeal.

...Gen Xersare more familiar with such commercial products as fast food hamburger or burritos. They prefer more branded items included packaged cookies, ice creams, candies and snacks.

...Gen Yersfavor everything from burritos to ramen noodles. In contrast to others, however, Gen Yers' comfort foods are healthier -- including sushi and fruits. They also are less inclined to identify specific brands.