Talk about a new product’s “up side.” This February finds Simplot Food Group, Boise, Idaho, introducing three new side dishes with equal appeal to both consumers and foodservice customers.

Developed for taste, texture and appearance, new UpSides, Simplot’s line of side dishes for foodservice customers, include Multigrain Blends, Polenta Cakes and Gourmet Pasta Blends.

“Simplot’s new UpSides savory side dishes meet consumer demand for indulgent, unique sides - helping to boost repeat business while optimizing total plate profitability,” says Danny Bawcom, director of new product development and marketing. “UpSides products virtually eliminate the time commitment, preparation of multiple ingredients and steps required to produce these side dishes from scratch, allowing operators to menu new, on-trend dishes they otherwise would not have been able [to prepare].”

Bawcom says UpSides Multigrain Blends “deliver the perfect combination of exotic grains, colorful vegetables and distinctive herbs, fulfilling consumers’ desire for a more interesting, healthier food experience.”

Available in either quarter sheets or customizable shapes, UpSides Polenta Cakes combine coarse cornmeal with authentic cheeses and complementary seasonings for extra aroma and flavor. Bawcom adds that UpSides Gourmet Pasta Blends feature bold flavors with flame-roasted product attributes.

To stir up even greater interest among foodservice operators, Simplot enlisted the help of celebrity chef Cat Cora. Cora, the first female American Iron Chef and executive chef forBon Appetitmagazine, created several original recipes using UpSides products. Included are Tomato and Shellfish Stew with Pearl Couscous and Red Grains as well as Three-Cheese Polenta with Swiss Chard and Candied Pepitas.

“I wanted to show operators how easy it is to prepare these dishes using UpSides by Simplot,” says Cora. “Customers will love the complex flavors and unique presentation.”