Don't have the time or money to travel abroad ... or even to a restaurant? Hain Celestial Group Inc. already has done the work for consumers and captured many global cuisines in a retail frozen entree. One of the latest is a Malay Chicken Curry, the first item in Ethnic Gourmet's new Taste of Malaysia line.

"The Taste of Malaysia merges the best of Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine to create a delicious array of herbs and spices, bursting with flavor and fragrance," says Hain. "Traditional Malay food makes use of tantalizing herbs such as lemongrass, basil and nutmeg; and dried spices such as coriander, cumin and fennel."

The company says new Malay Chicken Curry features all white meat chicken in a coconut curry sauce, with sweet red bell peppers and jalapenos over brown rice.

Hain Celestial, Melville, N.Y., offers other Ethnic Gourmet frozen entrees representing a Taste of Thailand, Taste of India and Taste of Greece.