Small plates. Bite-sized desserts. It's no secret that "mini" is a big thing on foodservice menus. To help operators deliver a "less-is-more" experience,Johnsonville Sausage LLCnow offers Sausage Minis.

Only 3.5 inches long and 1.6 ounces each, these new mini sausages come in two varieties: Stadium-Style Brat and Italian Sausage.

"Our new Sausage Minis combine value, sensability and satisfaction in a product that helps operators easily catch the "mini" wave sweeping the nation's menus," says Gene Rech, Johnsonville director of foodservice. "And just like their full-sized counterparts, Minis boast the authentic taste that patrons of all ages and all industry segments have come to expect from Johnsonville."

Johnsonville says the new Minis are made with the freshest cuts of pork without textured vegetable protein, fillers or cereals.