Johnsonville Sausage, LLC broke ground on an expansion at one of its Sheboygan Falls, Wis., manufacturing facilities. The expansion, which will add more than 40,000 square feet to the company’s smoked/cooked manufacturing plant, will be used for innovation and new product development.

“For more than 65 years, Johnsonville has had a tradition of meeting and exceeding consumers’ demand for the highest-quality sausage products available,” says Bill Morgan, president. “As our consumers’ tastes and preferences grow and evolve, we continue to innovate, ensuring we satisfy those evolving tastes and provide folks with the products they desire.”

In addition to providing new opportunities for innovation and new product development, the expansion will add nearly 35 full-time positions; hiring is expected to continue throughout 2013. Johnsonville currently employs nearly 900 members throughout the four facilities on its Sheboygan Falls campus.

“The reason Johnsonville has grown and achieved the success we have over the years is the great members we have working throughout our organization,” says Steve Johnson, vice president of operations. “Johnsonville members have proven to be some of the most dedicated, high-quality sausage makers in the world. That’s why we’re excited to have this opportunity to again grow and invest in our business, as well as in our members and the community, through this new expansion.”

The facility expansion is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2013.

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