With nearly all frozen pizzas containing dairy cheese, vegans and others looking for a healthier slice of pie have never had a viable pizza product to enjoy -- until now. Turtle Island Foods Inc., Hood River, Ore., says new Tofurky frozen pizzas already are a hit in test markets and are set to roll out nationwide this fall.

Turtle Island Founder Seth Tibbott says Tofurky frozen pizza uses meat alternatives and Daiya tapioca-based cheese, which melts like traditional cheese. Meanwhile, he says Tofurky pizzas contain up to 50 percent less sodium and 67 percent less fat than dairy and meat pizzas.

Varieties include Cheese, Pepperoni and Italian Sausage with Fire Roasted Veggies.

“The response we have seen so far to our new pizzas reminds me of the first Tofurky Roasts in 1995," says Tibbott. "People have been waiting years for a frozen vegan pizza. Our mission: No pizza lover left behind!’”