Alex’s Awesome Sourdough has added two new SKUs to their current lineup: Plant-Based Vegan Margherita Pizza and Organic Pepperoni Pizza.

Consumers love the taste of sourdough, but most do not realize that sourdough’s natural fermentation process means easier digestion, a lower glycemic index and more bioavailable nutrients. Alex Corsini, the founder of Alex’s Awesome Sourdough turned to sourdough after developing autoimmune symptoms in 2017. When his autoimmune symptoms subsided, he felt compelled to create a natural foods brand highlighting the wholesome and nourishing qualities of sourdough.

Alex’s Awesome Sourdough was born in 2018 on the notion of being able to provide families, friends and the community with delicious, better-for-you sourdough goods that are gut-friendly and handcrafted with 100% thoughtfully sourced ingredients so individuals could finally feel good about pizza again. They are the only sourdough brand that delivers superior nutrition and digestibility by using only the best ingredients. The two new SKUs utilize the same handmade sourdough fermented crust element, organic plum tomatoes, organic herbs and exclude added sugar or any binding agents like Xanthan gum which can cause digestive issues. Their new items for 2021 are:

Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Organic Pepperoni Pizza: The only meat pizza on the market using USDA certified organic meat. The pepperoni is being sourced from Organic Valley where animals are raised without GMO feed, antibiotics or artificial hormones.

Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Plant-Based Vegan Margherita Pizza: Handmade sourdough pizza with a slowly fermented artisan crust. Topped with organic plum tomato sauce and Sonoma sea salt.

“We want to expand our offerings to all health-conscious eaters so they can reap the benefits of gut-healthy foods,” said Alex Corsini, Founder of Alex’s Awesome Sourdough. “As we know our consumers care about fresh and organic ingredients, so we made sure our new items aligned with their lifestyle choices.”

Alex’s Awesome Sourdough’s two new items, Plant-Based Vegan Margherita Pizza SRP $9.99 and Organic Pepperoni Pizza SRP $10.99, will be rolling out in retailers in the coming months. The brand currently has 3 core flavors available – mushroom, sunflower pesto and mozzarella which are sold nationally in over 2,000 stores including Sprouts, select Whole Foods stores, Fred Meyer, King Soopers, HyVee, ShopRite, Raley’s as well as many natural foods chains.

About Alex’s Awesome Sourdough
Our mission at Alex’s Awesome is to celebrate the superior taste and nutrition of naturally fermented sourdough. By using an heirloom sourdough culture to ferment our dough instead of industrial produced yeast, our sourdough crust goes through a pre-digestion process making it easier on your body so you can finally feel good about eating pizza! Our toppings are carefully selected based on the best quality organic ingredients we can source and we showcase each farm on our packaging. We never add sugar, soy, canola oil, commercial yeast, xanthan gum, corn starch, preservatives or enzymes to any of our products. Our pizzas are available in the frozen food section of over 2,000 stories including Sprouts, select Whole Foods stores, Fred Meyer, King Soopers, HyVee, ShopRite, Raley’s as well as many natural foods chains.