To be naked and frozen sounds like a recipe for disaster, but Frozen Naked Pizza, created by Denver-based entrepreneur Gay Burke, is anything but.

That’s because New Orleans-based Naked Pizza, a take-out and delivery franchise, is taking its better-for-you pizza into the freezer aisle.

Made with anAncestral Blendof 10 grains (oats, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, teff, spelt, tapioca, wheat and prebiotic agave fiber), the crust houses Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086, a probiotic bacteria that survives both freezing and baking temperatures.

They come in:
•    Superbiotic-topped with artichokes, roasted red peppers, red onions, spinach, mushrooms, roasted garlic and cilantro.
•    Uncured Pepperoni-all-natural pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.
•    Cheese-100% premium mozzarella.
•    Chicken-blended with red bell peppers and sweet yellow onions.

“We like our food ‘naked’ here, and we aim to revolutionize this section of the supermarket by providing a delicious pizza free of freaky extras and loaded with nutritious ingredients to support a healthy, active lifestyle,” says Burke.

Frozen Naked Pizzas are available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $8.99 for an 11.8-ounce box.