Litehouse Foods, Sandpoint, Idaho, launched a new line of hand-crafted cheeses into the retail deli. The program includes artisan blue cheese, gorgonzola and feta,Litehouse Artisan Cheese available in wedges, wheels, crumbles and a center cut of the blue cheese.

“What makes the Litehouse Artisan Deli Cheese line unique is the quality and taste of the cheese, coupled with the unique packaging,” says Stacey Miller, business development manager. “There are a lot of great cheeses out there, and a lot of not so great cheeses. We needed to educate consumers on our high quality, and to have a point of difference to stand out. Our niche is offering a premium domestic cheese. The premier item is the center-cut blue cheese. This cut comes from the heart of the blue cheese, and is carefully displayed on a domed tray that becomes a serving tray for the cheese. Complementary items include packaged crumbles of the blue cheese, gorgonzola and feta. Something new to the category are the wedges, which are hand-wrapped in eco-friendly brown paper with a stylish label. This achieves the artisan look that is so sought after. And the final offering is the 6-pound wheel of gorgonzola and blue cheese—a beautiful centerpiece for any deli merchandising and for the true blue cheese enthusiast.”

Litehouse premium domestic cheese is made with locally-sourced, single-source milk and is r-BST and gluten free. The blue cheese and gorgonzola are made in small batches from vintage recipes with strains dating back to pre-World War II. Each wheel is hand-turned, hand-salted and aged a minimum of 100 days.