I.D. Systems, Inc., Woodcliff Lake, N.J., introduced I.D. Systems Analytics, a set of software tools that track the performance of industrial vehicles in manufacturingID Systems Fleet software and distribution facilities.

I.D. Systems Analytics gives executives and facility managers a single, integrated view of historical asset activity across multiple locations, generating site-to-site comparisons and enterprise-wide benchmarks of material handling operations.

Specifically, I.D. Systems Analytics quantifies best-practice enterprise benchmarks for industrial vehicle utilization and safety; reveals variations and inefficiencies in material handling activity across sites and geographic regions; identifies opportunities to eliminate or reallocate vehicles, with full enterprise awareness, to reduce capital and operating costs; helps balance vehicle mix and informs decisions on rentals vs. leases vs. capital purchases; uncovers activity trends over time to forecast material handling asset requirements; and enables performance comparisons to broad, industry-specific benchmarks.

I.D. Systems Analytics features 18 primary, pre-built dashboards based on more than 80 key performance indicators. Users can click through the dashboards for progressively deeper data details. The data can be delivered to mobile devices as well as computers.

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