Omnitracs, LLC, Dallas, introduced Roadnet Anywhere v3.8, the newest iteration of the company’s SaaS vehicle routing, tracking, mobile workforce, telematics and fleet management platform. It also now delivers improved performance tracking with the insight data visualization application and advanced capabilities to analyze service patterns to support strategic analysis.

Roadnet Anywherev3.8 includes:

Service Pattern Analyzer. New to Roadnet Anywhere, Service Pattern Analyzer evaluates planned and/or actual deliveries and automates the information needed to create strategic plans. The tool saves fleets time and labor costs and streamlines the process of manually collecting and collating data from several systems.

Insight. Insight now delivers the ability to easily define metric-oriented rules, as well as create and view multiple measures as part of one form of data visualization. This function, coupled with click-and-drill capability, allow fleets to more easily evaluate operational units (depots), routes, workers, equipment, delivery locations and more.

Omnitracs, LLC