Sabra Dipping Co., White Plains, N.Y., introduced two new additions to its line of refrigerated salsas—Roasted Garlic and Mango Peach—as well as a new kind to its Garden Variety hummus—Asian Fusion.

The salsas are made from high-quality Roma tomatoes and spices. The Mango Peach variety features chunks of fruit, while the Roasted Garlic kind is a classic for garlic lovers.

"Sabra salsas are quickly gaining popularity among consumers who enjoy the extraordinary flavor of a fresh salsa," says Greg Greene, senior manager. "If you have never made your own Mango Peach salsa or you don't always have the time, we are so pleased to offer this delicious homemade-inspired salsa. As always, Sabra worked with consumers to develop the new flavors, so they are packed with delicious cut veggies."

They can be found in the refrigerated section of the deli aisle at club stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Inspired by Asian cuisine, the Asian Fusion hummus unites ginger and sesame flavors with rich hummus.

“We often get asked how we come up with our flavors,” says Greene. “Asian fusion was inspired by the ingredients of our classic hummus recipe, which includes tahini made from sesame seeds. We thought, what flavors compliment sesame? Ginger and fresh veggies, of course, and so Asian Fusion was born.”

The new variety is available in stores nationwide with more Garden Variety offerings to follow in 2013.