Designed for shipping cheese, pies, cakes, smoked meats, seafood and other temperature-sensitive products, ThermoPod ThermoKeeper insulated box linersThermopod Packaging Liners provide thermal and cushioning protection for extended timeframe shipping. Resilient and pliable, the liners are made from a blend of recycled pre-consumer natural textile fibers formed into a soft, flat panel laminated between two films. The solid, waterproof poly film surface keeps payloads cool with dry ice. The perforated surface accommodates gel packs and has tiny scores to allow unwanted condensation or moisture from the packs to wick away from the payload. The insulation also includes an EPA-approved, antimicrobial additive for cross-contamination prevention and absorbent fibers to contain accidental spills or undesirable condensation from thawing gel packs. In two steps, the liners assemble into air-tight, stand-up containers with a full flap-over lid custom sized to fit snugly inside shipping boxes.