Heat and Control’s new FastBack FDXForce Displacement drives are said to be 40% smaller than comparable inertia drive horizontal motion conveyors and convey up to 2,500 pounds, making it ideal for transfer runs up to 100 feet long and product accumulation up to 300 cubic feet. The patent-pending FDXinteria drive provides the same clean horizontal motion conveying that reduces product damage and transmitted vibration. FDXcan also be reused with different pans when line layouts change. 

Heat and Control


Bunting Magnetics introduced high-intensity and Eddy current separation conveyors, designed for extreme high gauss levels of magnetic separation and removal of lightly magnetic tramp metals. Made with 300 series stainless steel, all para-magnetic materials are removed before Eddy current separation. These conveyors separate extremely light magnetic material out of plastic regrind and flake materials for product purification and separate stainless-steel screws and green board material from the product stream.

Bunting Magnetics Co.


Dorner’s new 2200 SmartFlexflexible chain conveyor gives customers the ability to build complete conveyor assemblies to their exact layout dimensions and view it in 3D within minutes. The 2200 SmartFlexnavigates very tight corners with wheel and plain bend options, and features multiple product transfer selections for end and side transfers. It produces speeds up to 250 feet per minute with a load capacity up to 600 pounds. Multiple chain types include low friction, friction insert, conductive, cleated, roller top and magnet top.

Dorner Mfg. Corp.


Accuglide chain-driven accumulation conveyor from Intelligrated provides quiet, positive transportation and true zero-pressure accumulation for rapid, ultra gentle handling of a broad range of products. Features include jam detection to identify flow interruptions and command zone shutdowns, device and system-level diagnostics to streamline maintenance, device-level photo eye sensors to self-monitor and onboard independent logic controllers to store commands and relieve processing stress on central computing stations. The Accuglide conveyor accumulates product up to three 90-degree curves with a single drive, increasing layout flexibility and providing additional accumulation capacity for application in warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centers.



Interroll’s new EC310 24V DC RollerDrive and ConveyorControl technology helps North American logistics providers lower operating costs while enabling greater internal logistics flexibility in major distribution centers. The EC310 24V solution reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compared to conventional systems. It also integrates seamlessly into new or existing logistics systems with its compact, integral 24V DC motor, electronics and gears, all designed to simplify systems planning and construction. The ConveyorControl delivers flexibility by dividing conveyor systems into individual zones and segments for controlling speed, rotation direction and logic. The EC310 is maintenance-free, requires no additional lubrication and its run-on-demand technology ensures less wear by running only when needed.

Interroll Corp.


Key Technology introduced a new standard Iso-Flo conveyor with hygienic options such as oil-free electric vibrating motors, a patent-pending vector lock screen clamp, elastomer isolators, scalloped flat bars, plate frame design and a unique internal ground arm. Iso-Flo conveyors also include stainless-steel bed finishes that resist bacteria growth and are easy to clean, as well as long-lasting StrongArmspring arms that minimize maintenance.

Key Technology, Inc.