Two-Tier Conveyor System Measures By Both Weight, Volume

PPM’s Libra Mass Flow utilizes a two-tier conveyor system that combines electromagnetic vibratory motion technology with load-cell scales, measuring product by both weight and volume. The Libra’s loss-in-weight feedback system provides continuous, real-time product measurements, adjusting product speeds to ensure feed rates are precise. With accuracy of +/- 1%, this proven loss-in-weight technology outperforms traditional weigh belts and chutes. With the Libra’s small footprint and nearly 100% vibration isolation efficiency, it can be mounted to existing sub-structures and be used to meter/weigh, blend and feed conveyors, drums, scales and more. The Libra has a durable, sanitary design, constructed using FDA-approved stainless steel without pulleys or belts.


 X-PTS shuttle system

Flexible Solution For Stocking, De-Stocking

The X-PTS shuttle system is a robust, modular and flexible solution for stocking and de-stocking heavy and freezing loads. Unlike the X-PTS, most standard shuttle technologies can only accommodate either heavy loads or freezing temperatures. The X-PTS shuttle combines both these metrics into a single unit that can store and deliver 55 kg loads while inside a freezing environment (-28°C). This is accomplished with specific and innovative frost-proof components designed with durability in mind. Integrated to a goods-to-person solution, the X-PTS provides a distinct advantage to logistics centers seeking a combination of strong reactivity and high order preparation quality.


Compact-Grid conveyor belt

Longer Belt Life With Simple Installation

The USDA-accepted Compact-Grid conveyor belt is designed to be clean-in-place and will give your product superior support. Available in widths from 11.1 inches to 144.96 inches, Compact-Grid is also available with flights for inclines and declines. It provides fast and simple belt joining, with a robust belt design that is long lasting and has safety edges that are C-shaped, so it won’t catch. Another reason why Compact-Grid is one of our most popular belt designs, is its 70% open surface area, offering exceptional flow-through properties for heating, cooling and coating operations. Improve your efficiencies with Compact-Grid conveyor belt.

Wire Belt Company of America

belt conveyor drive solution

Hygienic Maintenance-Free Drive

The VDG Drum Motor encloses all drive components inside the drum, has a service life of 80,000 hours before maintenance, increasing efficiency and safety, while reducing maintenance and operating costs. For sanitary conveyor applications, the USDA approved SSV drum motor features an all-316 stainless steel construction and IP69K-sealing system that withstands up to 3,000 psi washdown pressure. With the belt profile machined directly onto the drum, the SSV drum motor drives conveyor belts without the use of sprockets, eliminates crevices and product build-up areas and requires 50% less water and time for cleaning, providing the most hygienic, space-optimized belt conveyor drive solution.