It was a blistering 5°F accompanied by a wind chill advisory and a mile-long line at the coat check, but that didn’t stop the 30,000-plus visitors from attending ProMat and Automate 2013, Jan. 21-24 at McCormick Place in Chicago. It was here that some of the industry’s leading innovators showcased new manufacturing, distribution and supply chain equipment and solutions.

Here’s a rundown of some of the new products introduced at this year’s ProMat and Automate show.

Vision-Based Robotic Parts Feeding Solution

Adept Technology, Inc., Pleasanton, Calif., introduced the Adept FlexiBowl, a vision-based robotic parts feeding solution. The Adept FlexiBowl utilizes circular band tracking to simplify and speed the robotic acquisition of component parts used in assembly, handling and kitting applications. Plus, the Adept FlexiBowl is capable of quickly separating and orienting a wide variety of parts made from diverse materials, including plastic, metal, rubber and silicone. 

The Adept FlexiBowl operates reliably and quietly, and is said to be easy to operate. The feeder features serial interface connections, encoder latching and a small footprint. Other benefits include quick and easy installation, throughput between 30-60 parts per minute and easy maintenance and cleaning.

Adept also introduced Adept Lynx, a self-navigating autonomous indoor vehicle (AIV) designed for moving material from point to point in challenging environments that may include confined passageways as well as dynamic and peopled locations. Given the vehicle's intuitive user interface, the system can be customized for various applications and payloads by integrators, distributors and users alike.

Look for more on this and other automated storage retrieval systems in the Supply Chain & Logistics department of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ March 2013 issue.

Adept Technology, Inc.

Supply Chain Management Performance

TECSYS Inc., Canada, introduced TECSYS SMART, a set of innovative tools and application knowhow that combines the power of TECSYS’ professional expertise, proven business and implementation processes with dynamic knowledge resources. TECSYS SMART enables a distribution organization to enjoy an accelerated rate-of-return on their technology investment and achieve the highest performance in managing their supply chain.

TECSYS SMART enables distribution organizations to reduce cost, complexity and time required to implement and use software applications. These tools provide a proven approach that takes as much as 60% out of the time and cost associated with the software implementation process, while maximizing the use of the full capabilities of the software application, ultimately translating into a significant ROI for businesses.


Enhanced Windows, Web Client

Vormittag Associates, Inc. (VAI), Ronkonkoma, N.Y., announced that Release 5.4 now offers a windows and a web client for an enhanced user experience. The S2K Web Client provides anywhere, anytime access from any device with a browser, along with seamless integration with other web applications. Additionally, this interface enables social possibilities with integration to IBM’s Smart Cloud for Social Business platform. The IBM Smart Cloud Solution provides enterprise-grade file sharing, communities, web meetings, mail and calendar for any organization.

By running business applications through a web browser, users can leverage VAI’s S2K Enterprise Portal technology to create role-based access where screens, applications and dashboards have been consolidated and customized for the specific role of the user. Through the use of single sign-on, the user can consolidate multiple applications, including S2K CRM, S2K Analytics, S2K Enterprise and IBM Smart Cloud, all within one browser session. Additionally, users can configure their own workspace by accessing a myriad of S2K and collaborative portlets that can be arranged on their home screen for immediate access to essential information.

Vormittag Associates, Inc.

E-Commerce EDI Solutions

Minneapolis-based HighJump Software’s TrueCommerce EDI solution now makes it easier for customers to track and report on EDI data thanks to built-in transaction history and reporting features.

TrueCommerce EDI users will now experience one-click access to a “dashboard” view highlighting the history and tasks completed for each transaction. The TrueCommerce Transaction Manager tracks whether or not a transaction was acknowledged, printed, sent or received, giving users a view of the corresponding transactions that have been created, enabling users to quickly identify all related transactions and eliminating the time spent manually researching.

Plus, built-in reporting features enable users without technical knowledge to generate a wide range of pre-built and customized reports in their choice of graphical formats based on trading partner, document type or activity. Pre-configured or custom reports can also be generated by transaction count or total amount per trading partner over a specific period of time. Reports can be printed, exported in .pdf or Microsoft Excel formats and emailed to specific recipients through TrueCommerce Scheduler.

HighJump Software, Inc.

Flexible Order Fulfillment System

Swisslog, a Switzerland-based provider of integrated logistics solutions, debuted its Click&Pick system, which is a storage and high-speed order fulfillment system tailored to the U.S. e-commerce market.

Click&Pick combines Swisslog's inventory storage technology and high-speed picking and fulfillment software suite into a state-of-the-art, goods-to-person system. By using all three dimensions of a warehouse, Click&Pick provides Fulfillment 3D for the highest possible inventory storage density. It leverages fast robotic technology and maintains perfect control of inventory. Additionally, Click&Pick is designed to scale seamlessly with a business year-over-year, allowing warehouse workers to achieve productivity of 1,000 picks per selector per hour on a sustained basis.


Fuel Cell-Powered Floor Cleaning Machine

Nilfisk-Advance Group, Plymouth, Minn., introduced what is said to be the first fuel cell-powered industrial combination sweeper-scrubber. The Advance CS7000 Combination Sweeper-Scrubber Fuel Cell unit provides a sweeper-scrubber solution for customers who have already invested in fuel cell technology, allowing them to further leverage their fuel cell investment and infrastructure.

Operating solely on hydrogen, the fuel cell-powered Advance CS7000 provides enhanced efficiency, productivity, reliability, simplified maintenance and 100% indoor emission-free operation—making it an ideal solution for sustainable-driven applications. The Advance CS7000 fuel cell unit also provides one-pass cleaning power for enhanced cleaning capabilities. Optional equipment features such as the patented DustGuard System, provide users with unlimited flexibility.

Additional benefits include full operator shift of cleaning time between refuels, rapid refuel capabilities with no recharge cycle (enabling 24/7 operation) and a two-connection setup for easy fuel cell installation.

Nilfisk-Advance Group

Fleet Efficiency, Warehouse Optimization

The Raymond Corp., Greene, N.Y., introduced iWAREHOUSE Essential and iWAREHOUSE Enterprise, combining fleet efficiency, warehouse optimization and professional services.

iWAREHOUSE Essential provides access control and compliance, and monitors and collects lift truck and operator data in real time, allowing warehouse managers to increase visibility of assets and labor. Complete with a variety of data-tracking modules, iWAREHOUSE Essential provides increased warehouse and lift truck fleet visibility. Drawing real-time, accurate information from the lift truck’s operating systems, iWAREHOUSE Essential enables warehouse managers to track important information and identify ways to improve operator and lift truck performance. The iWAREHOUSE Essential basic configuration allows for controlling, monitoring and tracking of lift truck and fleet usage, automates vehicle access and provides an electronic operator checklist that is recorded and stored for OSHA compliance. Additionally, lift truck operator accountability is enhanced due to the system’s ability to detect and report vehicle and driver information, in real time, during operator use and where and when impacts occur. iWAREHOUSE Essential also contributes to overall increased visibility by monitoring maintenance and diagnostics alerts, tracking maintenance parts and labor and consolidating fiscal billing.

iWAREHOUSE Enterprise turns collected asset and labor information into actionable data to help warehouse managers identify opportunities for fleet and warehouse optimization. The solution integrates with select labor management systems (LMSs) to help increase productivity and reduce operating costs, and can be used by Raymond’s expert consultants to enhance additional optimization decisions. It manages and reports truck, fleet and operator data to enhance fleet optimization, as well as provide data and analysis for actionable business solutions for warehouse optimization. Unique to iWAREHOUSE Enterprise, integration with select LMS systems can provide greater warehouse visibility, increase asset utilization and provide information to audit labor standards to help increase employee productivity. iWAREHOUSE Enterprise also offers tailored consulting services through trained Raymond professionals, who analyze data and help identify opportunities to increase productivity and decrease operating costs.

The Raymond Corp.

Compact Picking, Packing

FANUC Robotics America, Rochester Hills, Mich., demonstrated its new compact picking and packing machine. The M-710iC/50H robot is equipped with the iRVision line tracking that tracks and picks randomly-oriented cased product from an infeed conveyor and places them on an outfeed conveyor in tray formation at high speeds. Product then transfers back to the infeed conveyor, and the process repeats.

Designed for high-speed transferring and packing, the five-axis M-710iC/50H robot offers a larger work envelope than previous-generation packing robots. It also offers a compact size, which allows it to work in small spaces. In addition, the new robot features enclosed motors and cables, and is rated IP65, which enables it to withstand dust and low pressure cleaning. The M-710iC/50H also offers the R-30iB Power Regeneration option, which helps reduce energy consumption.

FANUC Robotics America

Collapsible 60-Gallon Plastic Drum

Buckhorn Inc., Milford, Ohio, showcased its new collapsible 60-gallon plastic drum, a patent-pending recyclable drum that’s designed specifically for the food, powder and liquid handling markets.

This new drum has a 24x20x40-inch footprint, and includes three main components—a base, sidewalls and lid. All parts are designed with offset surfaces and interlocking flanges, so that no cracks exist in the joints, minimizing the potential for contamination. The drum has two security tie holes per lid. The inside and outside surfaces of the sidewalls are smooth for ease of cleaning. The sidewalls are also hinged in the center for a one-way inward fold, allowing the drum to fold flat in seconds.

Its unique rectangular design allows four assembled drums to interlock and cube a 48x40-inch pallet, stacking five pallet loads high. The drums work with wood pallets or Buckhorn’s Universal Pallet. Because of its smaller footprint and greater capacity, this 60-gallon drum offers 25% better cube utilization than the standard 55-gallon alternatives. The volume of product that can be shipped in four Buckhorn drums would require five 55-gallon drums. Additionally, 480 collapsed drums fit in a 53-foot truck for a 3:1 return ratio.

Buckhorn, Inc., a Myers Industries, Inc. company

Washdown-Friendly Doors

Rite-Hite Doors’ FasTrax Clean Room Doors feature a one-piece radial header, which is machined from a solid block of ultra-high-molecular-weight (UHMW) plastic. The door’s fabric is a smooth polypropylene, which provides higher resistance to acids and bases and a lower water absorption rate than vinyls and urethanes. This fabric makes the FasTrax Clean highly resistant to mold, and gives it superior washdown qualities, even with harsh cleaning chemicals.

The roll-up design of FasTrax doors allows them to operate at speeds of 100 inches per second, minimizing air intrusion while maximizing productivity. These high operating speeds also decrease the likelihood of forklift collisions. However, if bumped or impacted, a FasTrax door can easily reconfigure itself to get back onto the door track. It is also said to be the safest door in the industry, thanks to features such as Soft-Edge Technology and thru-beam photo eyes.

The FasTrax Clean Room Door design also uses non-corrosive Lexan and UHMW side frames. These lightweight and easily removable frames meet government guidelines for washdown and bacteria control. Side frames stand off from the wall to minimize surface-to-surface contact, reducing pockets where bacteria can grow. Additionally, it has a washdown-rated drive system and controls, which are completely sealed and protected for worry-free, cleanroom door washdown. FasTrax Clean’s tapered bottom edge allows water to run off to the side, reducing the chance of water dripping on products.

FasTrax can be used in a variety of applications including washdown, high-wind and cooler or freezer high-cycle application. Plus, it meets both USDA and FDA standards for clean-up.

Rite-Hite Doors, a division of Rite-Hite Corp.

Servo Technology Solutions

Burnsville, Minn.-based Beckhoff Automation released the new EL7201 servo terminal for the EtherCAT Terminal system. The EL7201 terminal integrates a complete servo drive for motors up to 200 W into a standard 12 mm I/O terminal housing. Integration into the EtherCAT I/O system considerably simplifies cabling and commissioning while reducing cabinet size requirements and costs.

This cost- and space-saving servo terminal is an addition to the already-established terminals for stepper motors and AC and DC motors. The EL7201 servo terminal with resolver interfaces features an exceptionally compact design, while at the same time offers high servo performance. The integrated fast EtherCAT control technology with field-oriented current and PI speed control supports highly dynamic positioning tasks. Apart from the direct connection of a motor and resolver, the connection of a motor holding brake is also possible.

Permanent magnet synchronous motors with a rated current of up to 4 A can be connected as loads. The monitoring of numerous parameters, such as overvoltage and undervoltage, overcurrent, terminal temperature or motor load, offers maximum operational reliability. Modern power semiconductors guarantee minimum power loss and enable feedback into the DC-Link when braking. The servo terminal is fully integrated into TwinCAT automation software, enabling convenient parameterization. In the case of third-party masters, parameterization takes place via the CAN over EtherCAT profile (CoE).

Beckhoff Automation, LLC

Zero-Pressure Accumulation Conveyors

Cincinnati-based Intelligrated released ZoneFlex, a flexible zone control for the company’s Accuglide and IntelliQ zero-pressure accumulation conveyors. The pre-mounted and easy-to-configure system optimizes product flow of varied package sizes and weights for high density accumulation and maximized throughput.

ZoneFlex modules enable easy selection of multiple pre-installed accumulation and release modes to improve material handling efficiency and allow for superior carton control, gentle product handling and increased conveyable cartons. Clip-in mounting, simple switch configuration and LED diagnostics allow operators to quickly replace, modify and monitor zone controllers, simplifying maintenance and increasing system flexibility.

ZoneFlex creates high density accumulation, while its multiple release modes enable high capacity throughput. With built-in logic and selectable release modes, ZoneFlex is designed to move previously accumulated product downstream quickly by monitoring and automatically responding to accumulation conditions. This capability simplifies control logic and increases available product for downstream applications.

Click here to learn more about Intelligrated’s relocation of its Dallas-based southwest regional operations, and to find out more about its acquisition of Knighted, a supply chain solutions software provider.


Vehicle Management System

The PowerBox Vehicle Management System from I.D. Systems, Woodcliff Lake, N.J., is said to be the easiest, most effective way to manage lift trucks and other industrial vehicles.

PowerBox offers automated compliance with industrial truck safety regulations, vehicle operator access control, paperless inspection checklists, safer, more productive work conditions, lower liability and an auditable safety record. It also features automated planning and enforcement of planned maintenance (PM) based on precise vehicle usage, and delivers prioritized alerts on checklist issues, reduced vehicle maintenance costs and increased vehicle uptime/productivity. It is easy to set up and use, is reliable and effective, offers patented, innovative functionality and a low monthly subscription.

PowerBox can provide economic value for fleets as small as 10 vehicles up to an unlimited number of vehicles and operators. It is a hosted system with a browser interface and automatic reporting, and provides zero impact on wireless local area networks.

I.D. Systems, Inc.

Customized Software Solutions

The new high-performance FS100 controller from Yaskawa America, Miamisburg, Ohio, is designed with open software architecture and supports PCI Express, C#, C++, .NET, ROS-Industrial, LabVIEW and INFORM III. The FS100 enables OEMs, machine builders and integrators to develop their own customized software solutions.

Created for packaging, assembly and material handling applications, the FS100 controller is compatible with Motoman robots with payloads up to 20 kg, including the high-speed MPP3 delta-style robot.

Yaskawa America Inc.

Machine Vision Hardware, Software

Matrox Imaging, Canada, demonstrated new hardware and software for industrial imaging and machine vision.

The Matrox Design Assistant 3.0 makes it faster and easier for users to create their application’s flowchart and HMI. The Multiple Matrox Iris GT smart cameras monitor and control remotely from a single HMI application.

The high-speed surface inspection camera uses a 16k-pixel, 100 kHz line rate, 4 links and a CoaXPress line-scan camera interfaced to a Matrox Radient eV-CXP frame grabber. Plus, the Matrox Supersight imaging computer supports multiple multi-core CPU- and GPU-based compute nodes.

Matrox Imaging, division of Matrox Eletronic Systems Ltd.

Multispectral Vision Lab

Cyth systems, San Diego, Calif., debuted Multispectral Vision Lab, a full inspection line of numerous vision technologies designed for inspecting products to depict foreign objects, faulty packaging, etc.

This new imaging technology includes real-time infrared and thermal imaging, area scan and 2D inspections, 3D Ranger cameras, x-ray imaging, smart cameras and a photonic mixer device 3D camera.

Cyth Systems, Inc.

Compact Vision System

Teledyne DALSA, Bellerica, Mass., introduced a compact vision system for multi-camera applications. Compatible with a full range of Teledyne DALSA Genie cameras, the GEVA-300 offers a 6-high bandwidth GigE port and a fanless design, providing a rugged and reliable solution in harsh factory environments.

The GEVA-300 is based in the Intel dual-core ATOM architecture, offering a low-power consumption and solid performance for a wide range of machine vision applications. It also includes a display and USB ports for set-up and run-time control, and a serial port for factory communications.

Teledyne DALSA, a division of Teledyne Technologies

Robotic Industrial Truck Walkie Stacker

Seegrid Corp., Pittsburgh, released the newest robotic industrial truck.

The GWS35 is a 3,500-pound walkie stacker built on an off-the-shelf Class III walkie stacker chassis and equipped with Seegrid’s vision-guided autonomous navigation system. The GWS35 is a forked robot and takes palletized or racked loads from elevated positions for stacking and racking. The walkie stacker can be used in manufacturing and warehouse environments without the need for wire, laser, tape or magnet. Ideal applications for the walkie stacker include kitting, end-of-line, staging and replenishment.

The GWS35 is equipped with power steering, making it easy for operators to maneuver and train routes. With Seegrid’s WalkThruThenWork technology, the GWS35 is set up in hours, and routes can be quickly and easily modified to accommodate product flow changes.

Seegrid Corp.

Automated Piece Picking

OPEX Corp., Moorestown, N.J., launched Perfect Pick, an automated, high-speed, goods-to-person picking solution that is engineered to simplify the complexity associated with other shuttle technologies in the market today.

Perfect Pick’s revolutionary “one-touch” design is based on a single component—the iBOT, an intelligent, wireless vehicle that has 100% access to the inventory in a single aisle. Unlike other shuttle systems that must rely on lifts, conveyors or transfers, iBOTs travel around inside the storage rack at rates of up to 1,000 dual-cycles per hour picking and stocking inventory simultaneously and delivering totes or trays directly to the picking station located at one or both ends of the aisle.

Perfect Pick has no single point of failure, making it a reliable picking solution ideal for manufacturing and order fulfillment operations. Autonomous iBOTs can be quickly and easily extracted or introduced back into the system without any major disruption to ongoing operations. Perfect Pick is highly scalable in both size and speed. A single aisle system can expand by adding modules or more aisles. Additionally, iBOTs can be introduced or removed from the system in a matter of minutes, quickly adapting throughput rates to ever-changing business demands and cycles.

OPEX Corp.

Heat Shrink Gun

Ripack, Elk Grove Village, Ill., unveiled its new Ripack 3000, a heat shrink gun that possesses 283,000 btu’s of power and a 360o nozzle for ease of use, with extension wands to increase reach.

Because of its higher heat capability, the Ripack 3000 works faster, saving time by 15%. Thanks to its unique, patented cold-nozzle technology, there is no risk of burns, and the nozzle can safely be rotated 360 o with bare hands. The smarter design has a trigger that incorporates an Allen wrench to unscrew the body, enabling easy maintenance of the gun. The Ripack 3000 igniter can be easily replaced without tools in less than a minute, which means there is no slowdown in production. The ergonomic bi-material handle also makes for a more comfortable, improved grip. The Ripack shrink gun adapts to all films, shapes and applications.

Ripack, Inc.

Machine Vision Modules

Bell and Howell, Durham, N.C., unveiled a couple new parcel solutions.

For instance, JETVision systems provide the most comprehensive selection of machine vision modules ranging from simple operations to very complex integrity and quality control systems. These modules use superior symbol recognition technology to read 1- and 2-dimensional barcodes, as well as image patterns and font-independent OCR symbologies. JETVision can also test mail pieces to ensure that they comply with the latest USPS requirements. JETVision operations can also share data and job information with other ADF management systems such as Bell and Howell’s IQ Software Suite.

The high-speed linerless print-and-apply system combines a fast print engine with a linerless applicator system, obtaining speeds of up to 100 ppm. With no label liner present, these systems produce 220% more labels per roll than traditional 12-inch OD units. Plus, this environmentally-friendly system operates more efficiently and requires less downtime for label supply replenishment.

Bell and Howell

Plastic Containers

ORBIS, Oconomowoc, Wis., launched FP143, the newest addition to the FliPak product line of plastic containers. Designed for food and grocery, the FP143 is an attached-lid container that stacks when full and nests when empty, providing for up to 1,200 more totes to be shipped in a standard 53-foot trailer. It also improves load handling thanks to the ability to band across the length or width of the container. And, it reduces labor costs by eliminating the mess and work time associated with the setup or disposal of corrugated shipping boxes.

The FP143 also features an optional tab on the lid that easily snaps into place to keep the lid closed on conveyors.
The FP143 comes in more than 20 sizes, and features an extended service life of up to 250 trips.


Mini-Load AS/RS, Automated Guided Vehicle

Murata Machinery USA, Charlotte, N.C., launched FX Quad mini-load automated storage and retrieval system.

Features include a travel speed of 300 m/min and a hoist speed of 180 m/min; load capacities up to 300 kg using up to four cases with twin fork and double-deep capabilities; flexible handling of 1, 2 and 4 cases; and excellent storage efficiency.

Meanwhile, the SLX automated guided vehicle offers flexible, high-speed, travel up to 90 m/min. Designed to handle 40x48-inch pallets with a load capacity of 2,200 pounds, this AGV features an unmanned forklift compatible with mobile rack and pallet rack that transfers up to 14 feet. It also functions in -13°F, uses SLAM (localization and mapping) technology and comes with a 3-wheel drive system, which allows the vehicle to turn in its own footprint.

Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Wulftec/M.J. Maillis, Canada, launched WAVE, a patent-pending pallet stretch wrapping machine that automatically switches from one carriage to another, ensuring continuous wrap cycles without any downtime.

WAVE features four complete No-Thread-powered pre-stretch film carriages that work alternatively for continuous film re-loading. Plus, the loading zone presents a human-safe area, as it is now outside of the wrapping zone, and is equipped with safety devices that do not interfere with the wrapping process. Operators can re-load the stretch film roll without stopping the machine. And, it allows for programming of different roll sizes, thicknesses, pre-stretch levels, colors, logos and more.

Wulftec International, Inc.

Walkie Pallet Trucks, Counterbalanced Trucks

Linde Material Handling North America, Summerville, S.C., introduced a handful of new products.

The T20 is a highly maneuverable and compact 24V-powered walkie pallet truck, ideal for low-lift product handling environments and applications. Manufactured with customized fork-tips, these trucks feature Linde electric motors and solid-state electronic control modules.

The EW-EWR Series is a heavy-duty walkie and walkie-rider pallet truck that features a Baker Moto-Truc solid steel fork and fork pull-bar assembly. The fork-wide bearing block assemblies eliminate pre-drilled load-wheel axle-mounting holes.

The 387 Series of 80V-powered counterbalanced trucks are designed to increase truck performance, operator comfort, efficiency and productivity while drastically reducing total costs of ownership. Features include overhead-mounted mast-tilt cylinders, dual-drive motors, combi-steering axle, drive axle-mounted solid-state control modules and multi-tire chassis design, enabling these trucks to work just about anywhere, inside or outside, in all climates.

Lastly, the 396T-02 Series consists of an LPG-powered counterbalanced pneumatic tire truck range, available with 24/36/43-inch load center ratings. Now available with VW VR-6 spark-ignition engine and dual swing-down 33/44-pound capacity, this series makes for easy and fast re-fueling.

Linde Material Handling North America Corp.

Laser Light Pointer

New QuickPick Light Pointer technology from Kardex Remstar, Westbrook, Maine, consists of an LED or laser light mounted to a slider that moves horizontally on a guiding system. Located above the access opening in a Shuttle VLM, it navigates the operator to the exact part to be picked, increasing pick accuracy.

Kardex Remstar, LLC

Heat-Proof Modular Wall System

Allied Modular Building Systems developed a new “modular” wall system that can take the heat.

FireLine is a 1-hour fire-rated wall for offices, guardhouses, machine enclosures and mezzanines, and is designed to withstand sustained flames of up to 1,500-1,800°F for 60 minutes.

These walls help reduce loss of life and property damage; allow sufficient time to discover a fire, control it and evacuate the building after the fire begins and meet the code of the American Society for Testing and Materials under ASTM E84 Class A, ASTM E119. They come in a wide range of customizable design options, wall heights, doors, windows, colors and finishes.

Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc.

Lithium-Ion Battery, Charger Packs for Pallet Jacks

Applied Energy Solutions, Caledonia, N.Y., released a lithium-ion battery and charger pack for pallet jacks.

This lithium-ion technology is said to provide a more energy dense and efficient chemistry over traditional lead acid batteries commonly found in material handling applications, causing the battery to require less energy as it returns to a full state of charge. The battery is virtually maintenance-free, and allows vehicle performance to reduce very little as the battery is discharged.

Applied Energy solutions

Double Wide Drive-In Rack System

Advance Storage Products, Garden Grove, Calif., introduced 2 Wide DI, a double-wide, drive-in rack system that doubles productivity by allowing loading and unloading of two pallets at the same time.

Advance Storage Products

Level Loader

The new P3 All-Around level loader from Presto Lifts, Attleboro, Mass., is a manual palletizer that keeps loads at ergonomic position. It requires no electrical power and little maintenance, virtually eliminating the bending, lifting, reaching and stretching common to pallet-loading applications.

The pneumatic airbag of the P3 All-Around automatically lowers or raises a pallet as boxes are added or removed, maintaining the top layer at a convenient height. And, the turntable ring (or optional solid turntable platform) at the top of the unit allows the user to spin the load, so he/she can stand in the same spot throughout the loading or unloading process. Plus, the stable base is smaller than most competing equipment, allowing the user to step even closer to the unit’s platform. Fork pockets at the base allow for easy relocation.

The P3 All-Around can accommodate loads from 400-4,500 pounds, based on the anticipated weight and height of a fully loaded pallet. If needs change, the unit can adapt easily in the field by changing its spring combination.

Presto Lifts, Inc.