Chez Marie, Anaheim, Calif., unveiled new product packaging as a result of a comprehensive company brand update that will help drive visual interest, consumer Chez Marie new pkgeducation and retail sales.

“It looks different than any other package in the freezer case,”says Shelley Gunton, chief “make-it- happen” officer. “Our color palette features bold primary colors against an elegant black ‘chalkboard’ background that you would expect to see in an upscale bistro. It really stands out from the sea of green and brown packaging that other manufacturers use.”

In addition, the packaging prominently calls out nutritional attributes (vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free) and features beautiful imagery of the patties and ingredients (which include plump mushrooms, crunchy pecans and ripe red peppers).

The new packaging does not include any inner cellophane, but is recyclable and biodegradable in a biologically-active landfill. Plus, it offers a small footprint with a big visual impact and educates consumers about the product’s versatility with easy recipes found on the website.

“We wanted our new packaging to be biodegradable, but the re-sealable plastic top we were evaluating was not recyclable,” says Marie Osmunson, founder and chief eternal optimist (CEO). “We put recyclability and biodegradability at the top of our priority list and decided to forgo the re-sealable top. We know that our eco-minded customers will appreciate our care for the environment.”