Shuman Farms, Reidsville, Ga., announced big changes to the look, feel and sustainability of its organic packaging. The use of a different netting and thinner film and plastic enables the new consumer bags to reduce packaging by 38% while still maintaining the structural integrity of the packaging.

“The revamp of our organic packaging is just the beginning of an overall initiative to increase sustainability across all of our RealSweet brand products,” says John Shuman, president. “Innovative marketing is a part of our core values, and we believe that innovation should lead to more sustainable offerings at retail following trends of consumer and retailer demand.”

The goal of this new initiative is to reduce plastic usage, educate consumers on the recyclability of onion packaging and address shopper concerns about food waste. Like the rest of the RealSweet brand line of consumer bags, the redesigned organic packaging reduces shrink by design, allowing good airflow around the onions to keep them fresh.