Bonafide Provisions, formerly known as Real Bone Broth, unveiled a new look for its organic, frozen restorative bone broth.

The new packaging highlights the company’s breadth of nutritional qualifications, including organic, gluten-free, paleo friendly and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet-approved, speaking to its mission to provide restorative, organic, real bone broth and its commitment to supporting organic farmers and ranchers.

“Born from my personal and clinical experience with the healing powers of bone broth, Bonafide Provisions celebrates and encourages optimal wellness by delivering the highest quality bone broth available,” says founder Sharon Brown, a clinical nutritionist and certified GAPS practitioner. “We believe that real nutrition should be accessible and easily incorporated into a person’s daily routine, without compromising nutrient density or quality. Our new name reflects our continued mission to provide real food to nourish the journey of life.”

What is said to be the first USDA organic, frozen broth on the market, this broth offers 12-14 grams of protein per serving, gelatin, amino acids such as proline and glycine and easily digestible minerals. Plus, this broth can be used as a base for soups, smoothies, stews and sauces, or in place of water in rice and pasta dishes to add additional nutrients.