QComp Technologies, Inc., Greenville, Wis., expanded its line of palletizers to include the QComp 5G Palletizer, a durable, robust robot that boasts a picking rate ofQComp palletizer up to 20 picks per minute. Its compact modular design frees up valuable floor space, reduces installation times and saves customers money.

The new 5G palletizer allows customers to stack bags, cases or trays at any point in their production line, thus eliminating long and costly conveyor runs to specialized palletizing areas. The robot is capable of handling loads of more than 100 pounds, and the system can accommodate pallets up to 109 inches in height.

The system is pre-assembled for a quick startup saving time and money on installation expenses. Plus, QComp's innovative vacuum tool offers instantaneous tool changing capability, making it a flexible and versatile solution.

QComp Technologies, Inc.