BAILEYS Coffee Creamers added three new flavors to its line of premium non-alcoholic-flavored coffee creamers.Baileys coffee creamers

"Our consumers are always looking for ways to elevate their everyday coffee experience in the midst of their busy lives," says Lynne Bohan, spokesperson for HP Hood LLC, licensee of BAILEYS Coffee Creamers. "These new unique BAILEYS Coffee Creamers flavors help to add a little excitement to your day or to briefly transport you to a more tranquil place depending on the flavor you choose."

Mudslide—Inspired by the classic BAILEYS Mudslide cocktail, subtle chocolate notes blend perfectly with the rich and creamy flavor of BAILEYS Original Irish Cream liqueur.

Vanilla Brown Sugar—Delicately cooked brown sugar that is perfectly caramelized combined with creamy vanilla.

Limited Edition White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl—Rich, white chocolate infused with sweet raspberry.

They are available at a variety of retailers nationwide.

Italian Cream Cake Ice Cream

Any way you slice it, the newest flavor from Blue Bell is fabuloso…or maybe it’s simply delizioso!

Blue Bell, Brenham, Mass., combined a popular cake with its great-tasting ice cream to create Italian Cream Cake Ice Cream, a creamy vanilla ice cream with pieces of Italian cream cake, shredded coconut, roasted pecans and a smooth cream cheese icing swirl.

 “We’ve created a flavor that not only has all the ingredients of an Italian cream cake in each bite, but there are actual cake pieces in the ice cream too,” says Wayne Hugo, general sales manager. “I’m not sure it gets any better than that.”