Anchor Packaging, Inc., St. Louis, added a 38-ounce container to its Mega-Meal product line. This shallow container is perfect for appetizers, fingerfoods, desserts,Anchor Packaging mega meals containers cut fruitand more.

Like the other containers in the line, they share a common clear, anti-fog, polypropylene lid, keeping SKUs and inventory costs to a minimum.

Plus, Mega-Meal containers make both hot and cold foods look fresh and appealing, while keeping the operation running smoothly with a simple-to-apply lid and leak-resistant closure. These strong, durable containers are resistant to hot grease and oils and will withstand temperatures up to 230°F when used under heat lamps, in warming units or in the microwave.  The interlocking feature allows multiple packages to be securely stacked on display, in storage or during transport without messy spills.

Anchor Packaging Inc.