Bashas’ Grocery Stores, Chandler, Ariz., installed energy-efficient LED lighting from Cree, Inc., Durham, N.C., to better illuminate its Tempe, Ariz., location. The newly Bashas Cree LED lightingrenovated store features luminaires powered by Cree TrueWhite Technology, delivering superior light quality, quick payback and an anticipated energy savings of 47% over the store’s previous design.

“Shopping is a highly visual experience, and it’s critical to showcase products in their most appetizing colors,” says Scott Murphy, construction manager for Bashas’. “When we decided to remodel the Tempe location, we initially chose fluorescent T8s and CFL downlights until we were introduced to Cree LED lighting. In the grocery store industry, it’s all about margins, and Cree helped add green to our bottom line.”

Featuring a number of luminaires from Cree’s portfolio—Cree CS18 linear luminaires, CR24 troffers and LR6 and LE6 downlights—the installation resulted in a 1:1 replacement against the original specification due to the upgrade in light quality as well as energy and maintenance savings. Additionally, the Cree CS18 luminaires deliver strong vertical light levels, illuminating all levels of the store’s shelves using less power and providing significant energy savings.

“Businesses like Bashas’ no longer have to choose between color quality and savings,” says Mike Bauer, vice president of lighting sales, Cree. “Cree luminaires provide a truly no-compromise alternative to fluorescent lighting with exceptional light quality, reduced energy and reduced maintenance costs—all working to increase the bottom line.”

The installed Cree luminaires further help reduce energy consumption with their dimming capabilities. Bashas’ expects the Cree system to pay for itself within two years*.

*Based on commercial usage of 18 hours per day and the national average of $0.11 per kWh electric costs, lighting-related HVAC impact and re-lamp maintenance reductions.