Noosa Finest Yoghurt, Bellvue, Colo., introduced the latest variety to its Aussie yogurt family—Tart Cherry and Lemon. Noosa tart cherry

Tart Cherry features lightly sweetened ripe tart cherries blended with Noosa’s signature, thick, velvety yogurt, while the Lemon is made with fresh lemon curd.

“We’re excited to be sharing two new and uniquely refreshing varieties that promise to make life a bowl full of cherries for Noosa fans across the country,” says Koel Thomae, co-founder. “Both Lemon and Tart Cherry are astonishingly perfect blends of tart and lusciousness. Each is a ‘corker’ twist on tradition and a dangerously delicious wow!”

Like all varieties in the rapidly expanding Noosa Finest Yoghurt family, Tart Cherry and Lemon are made on-site at the family-owned Morning Fresh Dairy Farm in Bellvue, Colo., and deliver the Colorado-fresh promise. Both varieties are free of artificial ingredients and use milk from cows never treated with growth hormones. Each is blended in small batches and infused with clover alfalfa honey from Colorado’s Beeyond The Hive to give it the perfect sweet/tart tang. In addition to these varieties, Noosa is available in Honey, Blueberry, Mango, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, as well as the award-winning Strawberry Rhubarb and Peach.

Noosa Tart Cherry is available exclusively at Target and SuperTarget stores nationwide. Noosa Lemon is available at SuperTarget stores nationwide and regionally in King Soopers, Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage and other independent retailers.