Muller Quaker Dairy, Chicago, unveiled four new flavors to its FrutUp and Greek Corner lineup of yogurts—Mango, Orange and Pineapple Passion Fruit.Muller FrutUp yogurt

Bursting with fresh fruit aroma and vibrant color coupled with a creamy yogurt, these yogurts are made with reduced-fat milk and offer a good source of calcium and protein.

"We're excited about our association with [actress] Malin Akerman because she's a natural fit for Muller yogurt. She's a new mom with a zest for life and a busy schedule to boot, so she understands the importance of getting delicious nutrition on the go," says Barb Yehling, chief marketing officer.

 The suggested retail price is 99 cents for Muller FrutUp and $1.29 for Muller Greek Corner