Aquarii, Inc., Camillus, N.Y., debuted Axceleron, a broad application LED down light fixture. Aquarrii LED lighting

Axceleron is a tested and recognized ETL, DLC, LM79 and LM80 down light designed for facilities that need an energy efficient fixture for high-performance or around-the-clock lighting. Four wattages are available up to 150W. At 150W, Axceleron delivers up to 15,000 lumens, with color rendering indexes (CRI) of up to 90. By mating a state-of-the-art LED-printed circuit board and heat sink, the unit manages thermal loads without the need for fans.

Customers can select from 3,000 to 5,000 degrees Kelvin. The units can be mounted in pendant, flush mount, C-clamp, yoke or recess configurations, making it easy to fit into any new or existing building. Different lens configurations include 14, 18, 28, 36, 70 or 110 degrees.

By using an 8-bit to 16-bit processor that is RDM ready, the Axceleron emulates the smooth dimming curves of incandescent without any visible dimming steps while using only one channel for control. Users have the option of on/off operation, 0 to 10V dimming or operation of their Axceleron fixtures using DMX, but with fewer addresses to manage per unit.