Dialight, Farmingdale, N.J., launched its new Reliant High Bay line of industrial LED fixtures for light duty applications, such as warehouses, light manufacturing and other large indoor spaces.

Built for maximum energy efficiency, Reliant carries an L-70 rating at 55°C and L-90 rating at 25°C for 100,000 hours of performance.

Reliant’s rectangular, modular design enables both single-unit and tandem installation—configurable on-site for maximum flexibility. This modular option delivers up to 72,000 total lumen output, what is said to be the only fixture in its class suitable for mounting heights up to 100 feet. At up to 160 lumens per watt, Reliant offers a 10% direct uplight option.

The smooth polymeric house is designed to shed dust and moisture. Reliant is also field upgradable with optional surge protection up to 10kV and integrated battery backup to ensure uninterrupted performance even in a power outage.

The high-efficiency Reliant fixture qualifies for DLC Standard and Premium (pending) and other energy rebates, and is compatible with Dialight’s IntelliLED wireless system for automated lighting control.