To capitalize on the phenomenal benefits of kale and baby kale lettuce, Ready Pac Foods, Inc., Irwindale, Calif., introduced the latest addition to its line of Bistro Bowl Ready Pac turkey kale salad inbodySalads—the Baby Kale Turkey Cranberry Bistro Bowl.

Inspired by gourmet restaurant menu trends, this salad features baby kale, diced turkey, sliced almonds, whole cranberries and red apple poppyseed dressing.

“It has become even more important for brands like Ready Pac Bistro Bowl to innovate and experiment with new recipes in order to delight these new consumers,” says Tristan Simpson, senior director of marketing and corporate communications. “We look to fill the void previously occupied by calorie-packed fast food and mindless heavy snacking. The incorporation of baby kale into our core product line is a great way for us to expand our successful Bistro Bowl offerings, while providing consumers with an easy and delicious way to incorporate a new superfood into their diet.”