Canada-based Garden Protein International, Inc. launched golden fishless filets. Gardein fishless filet

Each 96-gram serving of this crispy and breaded fish-free product contains 32 mg of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. At only 180 calories, each 2-piece serving contains 9 grams of protein and is made with non-GMO soy, wheat and canola oil. The cholesterol-free, vegan and kosher filets are ideal for tacos, sandwiches, as a snack served with fries and coleslaw, or a dinner served with rice and veggies.

"Our consumers were asking for a meatless product that would replicate the classic fish and chips meal," says Yves Potvin, founder. "We spent a lot of time perfecting the flaky, moist texture on the inside and the crispy coating on the outside."