Foxy’s Frozen Yogurt, Ventura, Calif., launched a new line of all-natural frozen yogurt that’s dubbed to be as rich and creamy as ice cream, yet contains only trace Foxys frozen yogurt inbodycalories from fat and half the sugar of most name-brand ice creams.

This line is made with only high-quality ingredients such as organic chocolate, vanilla bean, organic cane syrup, real butter, cream, sea salt and real fruit, such as diced strawberries, mango, blueberries and more.

Flavors include Frisky Pash (pecan and praline crunch) and Fancy Pash (dark chocolate and tangerine zest).

“The new ingredients and flavors are all-natural and absolutely stunning,” says Angus Murray, chief executive officer. “Customers are demanding that their indulgences are healthier—100% guilt free. Foxy’s Pash is great on your lips and good for your hips.”