Synchronizing PLC code with a realistic model to create a reliable debugging framework has always been a challenge for off-line virtual commissioning. Emulate 3D software

Emulate3D Inc., Farmington, Utah, enhanced this problem with the MicroLogix 1100 B soft PLC, which can read in control code, link to the model and run faster than real time, allowing testing to be completed faster and more cost-effectively. ECT is said to be the first soft PLC to run faster than real time and in perfect sync with the AMHS equipment model. In common with real PLCs, soft PLCs only run in real time, so any controls with timers could not be run at any other speed.

With Emulate3D, this constraint is now lifted, allowing robust controls testing to be carried out faster than real time, and providing the user with a more powerful debugging environment, where they can stop the model and the soft PLC simultaneously to inspect IO.

Emulate3D, Inc.