4SIGHT, Carrollton, Texas, debuted its latest yard and dock management system. 4SIGHT dock management

Designed to eliminate costly logistics problems around the yard and loading dock, 4SIGHT uses real time and physical data to assist facilities in efficiently managing operations such as loading dock visibility, live and staged trailer coordination and turn time management. The system quickly integrates loading dock equipment with intelligent software to monitor, communicate and manage loading dock status, helping companies avoid costly detention charges, product spoilage costs, employee accidents and more. 4SIGHT allows facilities to monitor, schedule and communicate trailer movements, load assignments and loading dock statuses in an easy-to-use interface that combines RFID, GPS and a variety of sensor technologies.

This solution also allows facilities to maintain their loading dock equipment based on actual usage as opposed to a traditional time-based maintenance schedule. Dock usage data is collected and displayed, and the system automatically identifies loading docks that reach a usage threshold. Once the threshold has been reached, an automated email will be sent to service providers and maintenance managers, and affected doors can be locked out for maintenance.

4SIGHT Solution