Just in time for summer grilling, GNP Co., St. Cloud, Minn., expanded its Gold’n Plump brand of frozen chicken patties to include new Bacon & Cheddar and Goldn Plump chicken pattiesMushroom & Swiss varieties.

These chicken patties are made from premium-quality, all-natural boneless skinless chicken thighs, have an increased size of 1/3-pound and are vacuum-packed to seal in freshness, allowing them to go straight from freezer to grill or skillet.

“Consumers continue to seek out better burgers with the texture of homemade patties,” says Sara Danforth, new product development manager. “Not only do Gold’n Plump Chicken Patties taste great, but they have amazing appetite appeal, too. The new chicken burger patties have a hand-pattied, butcher-made appearance with real, flavorful ingredients like bacon, cheese and mushrooms mixed in.”

Each 32-ounce package contains six burger patties and carries a suggested retail price of $8.99.