Butter typically arrives into a processing facility boxed and wrapped in around 25-kg units. Before any reworking, melting or other downstream processes can be SPX butter unwrapper inbodycarried out, it needs to be de-boxed and unwrapped. The new Butter Unwrapper machine from SPX Corp., Charlotte, N.C., takes away the manual lifting associated with removing the plastic covering around the large blocks of butter. Removing the need for manual lifting protects operators from injury, ensures compliance with local health and safety regulations and simplifies operational procedures.

The Butter Unwrapper machine simplifies operating procedures and decreases the risk of injury for personnel. The machine is unique in how it handles the unwrapping process and offers real benefit and peace of mind to food processors.

It is controlled using a PLC with an intuitive touchscreen operator interface. Its ergonomic design ensures easy installation without need for additional platforms or seating. Conveniently placed panels with pushbuttons further enable safe and efficient operation of the system.

The de-boxed butter is received into the Butter Unwrapper on an inlet conveyor belt. A table, operated by air, turns and manipulates the block of butter to enable the operator to unwrap it without lifting. Unwrapped butter then leaves the machine on another conveyor belt, which is connected to the required downstream processes. The machine incorporates sensors to monitor the position of the butter bulks and communications to interface with upstream and downstream equipment.

The system also enables the initial visual inspection of the butter entering the overall process to ensure there are no obvious quality issues.

SPX Corp.