XRS Corp., Cincinnati, introduced TRP, a mobile fleet optimization solution aimed at bringing insight into customer’s routes, allowing for better on-time delivery XRS fleet management inbodymetrics, enhanced driver productivity and real-time information into daily operations.

The TRP service will help fleets manage the productivity and efficiency of their equipment and drivers within a single, comprehensive application, monitoring trips and routes with “planned vs. actual” reporting and real-time insight. Fleets can view deviation from a planned route and accurately project up-to-the-minute ETAs as drivers progress through a trip. Meanwhile, drivers can access a route plan through their smartphone, tablet or rugged handheld, seeing their stops and activities as they progress through the day.

The driver tools enable enhanced data collection for repetitive activities at a customer site, allowing fleets to account for over, short or damaged items, customer feedback and proof of delivery. In conjunction with another XRS feature called FLX forms, TRP removes burdensome data entry requirements by providing drivers a simplified workflow experience on the mobile device.

Additional functionality for TRP includes:

• The ability to import routes from leading third-party routing providers.

• A driver application that leverages smartphones, tablets and rugged handhelds.

• Trip progression monitoring used to understand if a driver is behind or ahead in their route.

• FleetView, which gives fleet managers one location to view drivers, routes and stops, while providing data to reduce out-of-route miles and gain insight into site activities.

• The ability for a planner to quickly add static routes.

• Data extract tools through web services.

• Improved exception reporting with drilldown capability into the planned vs. actual reports.

The XRS mobile platform runs on more than 50 types of mobile devices and automatically transmits vehicle and operator data directly to a management dashboard.

XRS Corp. (formerly Xata Corp.)